Colorado Imam Teaches Kids That Jews Lie, Can’t Be Trusted

An imam in Colorado live-streamed a lecture for children that included the Koranic story about how Allah turned Jews into monkeys, and also said that Jews are largely deceptive, and that people are not allowed to “trust” Jews or “trust” them. He argues that it is unwise to do business. They persistently try to “trick us into trusting us,” so it’s important to understand their characteristics to protect yourself.

During a Sunday children’s Islamic class at the Colorado Muslim Community Center (CMCC) in Aurora, Colorado, an imam, believed to be Umar Mitchell of Umar Ibn Al-Khattab Masjid, spoke about Jewish “traits”. and discussed what he said.

The clip of the lecture is published It was conducted by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) as part of a project to document and expose extremist rhetoric by imams in Western countries.

The video is live streaming on various social media platforms, Colorado Muslim Community Center; SAFA USA, Al-Minhal Academy, Authentic Ilm Mission, and Karim Abuzaid are the leaders of today’s Jewish community who “killed” the prophets, tried to kill Jesus, and the Israelis who refused to “obey” God. It begins with the Imam revealing that he is a descendant of. Instead, they would “break the deal… lie… break the deal.”

“Then I ask you, if this is a group of people who have broken the commandments of Allah, should you trust these people today?” he asked, and the children answered, “No!” I did.

He then quotes the story of Jewish fishermen being turned into monkeys by Allah for fishing on the Sabbath, and says, “If that wasn’t bad enough, Allah doesn’t do business with them.” ” But they will do it deceptively anyway:

There is a group of fishermen there… [who’re] You shouldn’t be fishing on Saturday.In the baccarat edition [of the Quran], they say this because they are told not to fish. We cast our nets on Friday, leave them out all Saturday, and pray. Everything is fine. And I’m going to come and eat on Sunday. ”

“Does this sound like a good admirer?” he asked the children, and they answered, “No!”

He then explained that as punishment, Allah “turned them into monkeys; they were turned into monkeys.” A literal physical monkey. Monkeys! ”

“Do you think these are the people you want to do business with?” he asked, and the children answered, “No!”

The video also shows him claiming that Israel’s success with the Palestinians is due to deceptive practices and accusing Jews of constantly “tricking us into trusting them.” .

“Who has been watching what the Israelis are saying about you…calling people who don’t agree with Israel terrorists?” the imam asked the children, adding, “They are What happened is called the ‘Holocaust.’ They are comparing our murdered brothers and sisters to the Nazis and Adolf Hitler. ”

According to the Imam, it is necessary to understand the Jewish “characteristics” in order to avoid them and recognize the true nature of the Jewish people.

“Allah reminds us of the nations that existed before. [Islam]And he will remind you about some countries that still exist and tell you about their characteristics for two purposes. One, so you don’t become like them, and two, so you recognize them. And it’s important for everyone to know this,” he says.

Furthermore, he claims, “We need to know and understand who these people are so we don’t fall victim to them again and again.”

The imam suggested that his remarks were not intended as “hate speech” and acknowledged that a small number of Jews may fall into an exception to such a description, so He argued that it is important to “recognize”

“Recognizing these things is not hate speech,” he says. “Thus says Allah, ‘Except for a few.'”

“Are we saying everyone is like this? No,” he added. “‘Except for a little bit from them.’ [meaning] Except for a few of them. ”

This incident is significant because it highlights the hatred against Jews that is being taught to impressionable young audiences in the United States.

In another video posted this week by the Colorado Muslim Community Center, the center’s director, Imam Karim Abuzaid, explains: It’s not a Palestinian-Israeli conflict. [and] It’s not an Israeli conflict in Gaza, it’s a Muslim conflict. ”

He also claimed that Muslims would eventually “take over” Jewish housing in Tel Aviv.

For Abuzaid history of anti-Semitic rhetoric that spoke of a time when Jerusalem would be “washed” of “filthiness”; [abomination] “I just killed him,” he said. [Jews] That is the solution, in case it ever becomes a reality, to eradicate them from the face of the earth according to Hitler’s philosophy. ”

Despite such statements, he claimed that Islam is not an “extremist” faith, but rather a religion “rooted in peace, compassion and tolerance.”

The problem lies in the current situation in the United States. experience Amid a surge in anti-Semitic incidents and growing warnings of possible Islamic terrorist attacks in the United States.

Breitbart news last week report Resurfaced footage showed hundreds of American children in central Texas chanting references to Iran’s supreme leader and pledging allegiance while praising his martyrdom.

This chilling video shows that the Islamic Republic, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, has terrifying influence within the United States.

Joshua Klein is a reporter for Breitbart News. Email Follow him on Twitter @Joshua Klein.

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