Comedian Matt Rife in HOT water Natural Selection on Netflix

Comedian Matt Rife just released his first Netflix special, but not everyone is happy about it.

The comedian didn’t even get the opening joke until calls for it to be canceled began to spread. The opening joke was a gag about domestic violence.

“I just wanted to know if you guys were having fun,” he told the audience afterward.

Rife later “apologized” on his Instagram Story, writing, “If you were ever offended by a joke I told, here’s a link to my public apology.”

However, this link simply directed followers to a shopping page for special needs helmets.

“I didn’t think the joke was particularly funny or offensive,” Lauren Chen says of the domestic violence comment, but points out that viewers are probably so angry because she has a lot of female fans.

Chen thinks Rife’s apology is “pretty good” and doesn’t think a blowback is really warranted.

“Matt Rife is a comedian, but he doesn’t actually hate women, he doesn’t hate elderly people, he doesn’t hate people with Down syndrome,” Chen explains to people who may have more difficult conditions. do. understanding of time.

“There’s a difference between making a joke about something and actually believing it. Often what makes a joke about a topic funny is that the statement is so outlandish and unthinkable. It’s a fact,” she added.

Chen doesn’t think Life should be “cancelled,” but he also doesn’t think his specials — while “definitely had their moments” — are all that good.

“My husband and I went to see the Matt Rife special, and then we went to see the Shane Gillis special,” Chen said, adding, “In my opinion, it was much more interesting and overall much better.” I think it’s excellent,” he added.

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