Consensus reached at G20, ‘Delhi Declaration’ adopted, says PM Modi

New Delhi:

The G20 meeting adopted the New Delhi Declaration, which is seen as a major victory for the country, with more achievements and a record number of documents than any previous meeting.

Announcing the agreement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Good news…Thanks to the hard work of our teams and the cooperation of all concerned, the New Delhi G20 Leaders’ Summit Declaration has been agreed.”

“My request is that this should be adopted by all G20 leaders. I hope so. I would also like to thank all the ministers and Sherpas who have worked so hard to make this possible at this time.” I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude.”

“India’s G20 Presidency was the most ambitious in G20 history,” said Union Minister Hardeep Puri.

Puri called it a “very mature and intellectual draft in which everyone participated,” adding, “It ends with the conclusion that this is not a time for war…This will be remembered as a major milestone in the post-corona world.” “It will give us momentum.” to other multilateral institutions.”

“We can create simple before and after indicators of what this G20 will produce on all fronts: health, climate, climate finance…This is a new international order post-COVID-19 (and) a moment of jubilation and celebration. ‘ he added. .

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