Conservative groups are pushing Speaker Johnson to reform controversial spy program FISA

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First appearance on Fox: A group of conservative policy organizations is calling on House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) not to reauthorize the controversial surveillance program Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), calling on Republican leaders to However, the government urges voters to oppose including reforms in future bills that need to be passed. Continuous solutions, omnibus packages, and more.

In a letter sent to Mr. Johnson on Thursday, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), Freedom Works, the Taxpayer Protection League, and the Conservative Partnership Association said, “Congress must force reauthorization of this authority. It is important that we do not try to incorporate it into any other legislative instrument, and we are finally voting on this issue on our own.”

“A lone vote on Section 702 ensures focused scrutiny and accountability, protects Americans’ privacy, and preserves national security. Pushing it into a mandatory continuing resolution is deeply “It would circumvent a transparent and open process on how to reform a flawed program,” AFP said. James Cherniawski, senior policy analyst, told Fox News Digital.

Earlier this month, the House of Commons Rules Committee was scheduled to vote on an update to Section 702 of FISA, which would have brought the House of Commons to a vote later in the week, but Johnson forced the vote.

House Intel Chairman Turner warns of ‘grave national security threat’, asks Biden to declassify

House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-Louisiana.

The group said in the letter that the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) and the House Judiciary Committee “had no malicious intent after agreeing to a floor process the week of February 12 to consider the base reauthorization bill.” He accused them of having negotiated with him. However, both committees had an opportunity to propose amendments, the contours of which were understood by both parties. ”

The letter also states that on the eve of a Rules Committee hearing, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (R-Ohio) asserted that there was a “serious and urgent threat to national security and that members of Congress “He inexplicably released inexplicable statements that he claimed required deliberation.” Confidential setting. ”

The warning was reportedly related to Russia’s nuclear capabilities in space that could threaten satellites, including the potential to disrupt U.S. military communications and reconnaissance.

On February 13, the HPSCI voted 23-1 to make information about destabilizing foreign military capabilities available to members of Congress.

Mr. Turner and Ranking Member Jim Hymes (D-Conn.) issued a bipartisan notice (“Dear Colleague Letter”) on February 13 urging colleagues to review this classified information in a secure room. (known as) was published. The letter was approved by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

On February 14, reports surfaced about the Dear Colleague letter, and Mr. Turner issued a statement around 11:30 a.m. about a “grave national security threat.”

Turner said in an interview with “Meet the Press.” emphasized He said he believed the Biden administration was sleepwalking into an international crisis.

Fight over green lights over controversial surveillance program unites progressives and conservatives in Congress

Rep. Mike Turner, Republican, Ohio

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner, R-Ohio; (Related news organizations)

The letter criticized Mr. Turner’s disclosures and said, “Both the White House and the Senate Intelligence Committee express serious concerns about the risk of disclosure of sources and methods by Chairman Turner’s Dear Colleague and subsequent press releases.” “We have issued a statement,” he added.

“Reauthorization of Section 702 has been a top priority for members of Congress for over a year, and it is clear that HPSCI has been the sole focus and engagement on this issue during this period,” the group said. This issue is highly doubtful, as it was under consideration.” On the verge of considering reauthorization measures, HPSCI instead spent its efforts on non-emergency issues rather than helping facilitate a carefully negotiated floor process to consider strong oversight tools. , and may have ultimately jeopardized national security in the process. ”

However, a spokesperson for HPSCI told Fox News Digital that Turner “doesn’t play politics with a focus on national security.”

Section 702 of FISA has been credited with preventing terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, and at the same time has been criticized as a tool for spying on American citizens.

Congressman Mike Turner says Biden administration was ‘sleepwalking’ on Russia’s nuclear threat before surprise revelations

Mike Johnson addresses intelligence agencies on Russian nuclear threat

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) is flanked by Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and Rep. Jim Hymes (D-Conn.), ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee. February 15th, Washington DC. (Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

This would allow the government to monitor certain foreign nationals outside the country without obtaining a warrant, even if the person they are communicating with is a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil.

Mr. Turner also advocated for FISA reform and laid out his own reforms.

But the groups told Johnson in a letter Thursday that while the creation of HPSCI was originally intended to rein in and monitor unaccountable intelligence agencies found to be violating the rights of Americans, Unfortunately, it has turned into a mere rubber stamp.” It opposes the work of the Intelligence Community and “does not even want to discuss how to hold the Intelligence Community accountable for its repeated and repeated abuses of Section 702 powers.”


It is important that Congress ultimately vote alone on this issue, rather than trying to force the reauthorization of this power into a legislative package that must be passed. We stand ready to work with Congress to advance solutions that achieve the security and civil liberties of Americans.”



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