Coors Light Giving Entire City Of Miami Free Beer After Lionel Messi & Co. Win Leagues Cup

Shout out to 305, baby! Got chips! (And Coors Light wants to help us celebrate)

Lionel Messi And Inter Miami won the League’s Cup title. first championship Franchise history — Saturday night after the incredible Penalty win Above Nashville SC.

The scoring started after the greatest player in football’s history scored in the 23rd minute to give Inter Miami a 1-0 lead, but Nashville equalized thanks to a score in the 57th minute. Fafa Picot goal. After the regulation ended, the situation remained 1-1 and the game went straight to penalties.

Messi kept scoring penalties and the shootout surprisingly reached the Nashville goalkeeper. Elliott Panic He missed the kick to give Miami a 10-9 win, the League’s Cup and the team’s first ever trophy – oh yeah, that was it too. Messi’s 44th career.

It was truly a historic night.

And in all its overt glory, the city of Miami (some local bars) free beer Courtesy of Coors Light.

“Miami deserves a cool Rocky Mountain snack after a sweaty day at the competition,” Coors Light said on its website. “To celebrate Miami becoming the first-ever League Cup champion, I’m buying the first round of Coors Light at some local bars.”

Oh my God, it’s crazy how Inter Miami have changed so much in such a short amount of time.

We went from rock bottom to suddenly teaming up with the greatest player on the planet, Lionel Messi. Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba. It looks bad, dude.From bad attacks to now scoring 22 goals in 7 games. And Gerardo Martino is going all out on the sidelines, leading everything.What’s going on now and the fact that this is actually happening is just bananas my team doing this my Ichi …can someone pinch me? (Related article: Americans hilariously denounce Washington commanders affiliated with Bud Light)

Free beer at 305! Thank you Coors Light! And thanks to Inter Miami for bringing us championship glory!

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