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Cop In US Fired After Groping Adult Content Creator In Staged Traffic Stop Stunt

The station said it was unclear whether Herman was on the clock while making the video.

A Nashville police officer has been fired after a video surfaced of him groping a woman’s breasts while in uniform during a fake traffic stop.by new york post, Officer Sean Herman was fired Thursday after he wore his uniform to make a cameo appearance in an X-rated OnlyFans video made by a local star named Jordan.

The video, titled “I can’t believe he didn’t arrest me,” shows Jordan sitting in the driver’s seat when the officer approaches the window. When her officer asked her for her license and registration, she told him she didn’t have the correct documents and pulled down her jacket. The officer then reached into the car and touched the woman’s breasts, which was recorded by the man in the passenger seat. Then he released them with a warning and went away.

Although the camera was careful not to show the officer’s face, viewers quickly noticed the bottom half of the Metro Nashville Police Department patch on the officer’s shoulder.

This was announced by the Nashville Metro Police Department. NewsChannel 5 investigates They said they learned of the video on Wednesday and immediately began an investigation. He was fired the next day.

MNPD spokesman Don Aaron called Herman’s actions “outrageous.”

“This was one of the most outrageous and disrespectful things that anyone here could do. And when I say disrespect, I mean everyone at MNPD and this agency.”

A police spokesperson said the stunt was apparently planned by three parties and was filmed towards the end of April.

Metro Nashville Police say it is unclear whether Herman was wearing a watch during the video recording.

A Reddit commenter who identified himself as Jordan later wrote that the video was “a stunt and was consensual and private property.”

“For context, it was me… so it was a stunt, completely consensual, private property, etc… The fact that they fired him is stupid,” she wrote.