Cornell University professor says colleges responsible for anti-Israel sentiment

As anti-Israel agitators continue to occupy college campuses across the country, a Cornell University professor tells Fox News Digital that what’s happening at Cornell in particular is not surprising and has been building up for a long time. he said. .

“This is not a peace movement. This is not ‘let us all live,’ but let bygones be bygones. This is an uncompromising rejectionist ideology that rejects the existence of a Jewish state in the Middle East.” And that’s their goal: Smash it, intifada, revolution, that’s the only solution in their own words, and if the people want an intifada, listen to them. I think there’s a need,” said William Jacobson, a professor at Cornell University.

Jacobson said what’s even more concerning about these protests is that the administration, particularly Cornell and Columbia universities, is not doing anything to ensure the safety of students and faculty.

“I have previously spoken out against radicalization and highly aggressive anti-racism programs that demonize people based on ethnicity and race, and which inevitably target Jews. This has escalated, with students now chanting “Intifada or revolution, there’s only one solution” in the main quad of campus. The fact that we are becoming bolder. It’s really creepy,” Jacobson said.

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William A. Jacobson, a clinical professor who joined Cornell Law School in 2007, called on Cornell’s Board of Trustees to support Jewish students. (Getty/FOX)

He said this is all a reflection of all the issues that have arisen on campus, and how the administration has responded to calls from alumni, calls from him, and calls from parents to stop the ideology he has ingrained on campus. He added that this reflects the fact that the government did not respond to the request.

Jacobson said what’s happening now is no coincidence and has only gotten worse since Oct. 7.

“Their worst instincts, their calls for violence, their calls for genocide are unleashed, and the administration’s response is very tepid, not just at Cornell, but at Columbia. And that tepid response, on campus. We started seeing more people marching through buildings with bullhorns,” Jacobson said at Cornell University.

“The administration is telling students not to do it, and yet they’re doing it. I mean, on Cornell’s campus and other campuses, there are bold, aggressive anti-Israel people trying to intimidate people. The movement exists and it is a real problem.”

“When you march through a building with a bullhorn, you’re not just expressing your point of view. You can express your point of view in dozens of different ways. You’re trying to intimidate. When you’re in the crowd in the Quad, we realize that you’re not just expressing your opinion about the intifada, the bloody suicide bombing campaign, you’re trying to intimidate people. I think you need to.”

— Cornell University Professor William Jacobson

Jacobson worries the situation could become more serious at some point.

“The only question is when do they cross the line? When does rhetoric and cult-like chanting turn into action? I think that’s what we have to worry about,” he said. Ta.

Professor Jacobson said one of the most appalling and disturbing actions to come out of this unrest at Cornell was the professors who actively participated in these calls for an intifada.

“There was a professor who infamously said in front of a large crowd that he felt ‘elated’ upon hearing about October 7th. Later, he tried to recant and said, ‘Well, he would never murder a civilian. ‘But I think his first reaction, and his first instinct, was his real belief, he felt elated.” I think he told the truth about that when he said that,” Jacobson said.

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Cornell University Israel

Cornell University students demonstrate on campus to raise awareness about kidnapped Israelis and Americans on November 1, 2023. (Hannah Grossman/FOX News Digital)

Russell Rickford, a Cornell University professor who taught post-Civil War African American history at the prestigious university, was killed in a surprise Hamas terrorist attack that killed 1,400 people, including women, children, and the elderly. A video of the professor celebrating his birthday was released in October and drew criticism. Viral.

The university reported that he had been placed on administrative leave shortly after, and the Cornell Sun reported Friday that he had participated in the latest Cornell protests.

As students call for an intifada, Jacobson says listen to them, adding that he’s glad the students are finally taking off their masks and showing their true selves. Ta.

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Pro-Palestinian supporters gather in front of Columbia University

Anti-Israel supporters gather in front of Columbia University in New York City on April 23, 2024. (Gina Moon/Getty Images)

“So I’m all for people telling us how they really feel. I don’t want to suppress it. I don’t want to drive it underground. I don’t want the whole world to know what we’re up against. I want you to see it, not just Jews, not just Cornell, but actually America,” Jacobson said.

“This is a death cult ideology. It’s a destructive ideology. It’s a dead end for society, but it’s thriving in some parts of campus. Again, not the entire campus, not a large portion of the campus, but , a very vocal minority on campus.”

Jacobson said schools need to take responsibility.


“When I see videos of choruses calling for an end to the intifada as the only solution, I think it was Cornell’s Charlottesville moment. People need to recognize the hatred underlying the supposed peace movement. And that’s something. We need to talk about it, schools need to address it, schools need to take it seriously,” Jacobson said.

Cornell University and Rickford did not respond to Fox News Digital’s requests for comment.