Cornholers Busted Because Their Sacks Were Too Small

In today’s scandal-ridden world where literally every realm seems to have some kind of said scandal, we’ve got another example of how far the human race has fallen: A professional cornhole scandal.

So apparently, the top-ranked team allegedly used illegal bean bags at the 2022 American Cornhole League World Championships back in August, and they’ve even got a name for this scandal: “BagGate.”

“SackGate” would have totally been better, by the way.

Even more embarrassing for these cornholers (what a great name) is that the entire championship final that featured the alleged illegal bean bags was broadcasted on ESPN. Cornholer Devon Harbaugh originally tried to call out the alleged perpetrators in Mark Richards and Philip Lopez (leading to an insane one-hour delay), however, officials decided to continue the match, labeling their smaller sacks as “not intentional.”

Did anybody else giggle after reading that?

“They’re too small,” said ESPN cornhole color commentator Mark Pryor. “That’s going to create some drama.” (RELATED: A Brawl Broke Out Between A Bunch Of Women, And It Screams WWE Attitude Era)

“Too small,” holy hell, this story is glorious. Let’s continue.

After Harbaugh accused Lopez and Richards of their sacks being “too small,” they then requested Harbaugh’s sacks be inspected. Hilariously, his sacks were also found to be “too small.”

(Literally over here dying laughing as this is being written.)

So anyway, none of the people accusing each other of having small sacks won. Richards and Lopez were actually up big on the team of  Jason Rubin and Jordan Power in the finals, before the latter pulled off an historic comeback (in cornhole terms) to land the 2022 American Cornhole League World Championship.

With the scandal, this is CLEARLY going to be entertaining to see how all of the “drama” unfolds.

And it suddenly makes you want to watch professional cornhole now.

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