Costco Recalls Nearly 50,000 Mattresses As Consumers Report Cases Of Visible Mold

As noted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Costco recalled 48,000 mattresses after more than 500 customers reported mold.

of recollection Specifically, customers who purchased a Novaform Comfort Grande 14-inch mattress or a Novaform Dream Away 8-inch mattress this year are eligible. These mattresses were sold exclusively in Costco stores throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Northwest region and through the retailer’s online platform. Mattress prices range from $150 to $750.

CPSC provided a description of the mattress on its site. “The Comfort Grande 14-inch mattress has “Novaform” printed in white text on a blue base. The DreamAway 8-inch mattress has “Novaform printed in white text” on a gray base.

The potential for mold to develop on these mattresses may be due to exposure to water during the manufacturing process. The mold can cause serious health problems, especially for people with weakened immune systems, lung damage, and mold allergies, the CPSC said. (Related: Costco recalls popular products because they may contain metal and glass pieces)

Anyone who owns a recalled mattress is best to contact the manufacturer, FXI. The company will offer customers a full refund or free replacement.

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