Country Boy Bengals Fan Knocks Dude Out Cold With Headbutt While Already Getting Arrested

God dawg!

The Cincinnati Bengals fanbase is going through pure hell to start the season, losing once again Sunday to kick things off 0-2. They were defeated by the Baltimore Ravens, 27-24.

But there’s one Bengals fan in particular who’s having a much tougher time than the rest. Not only is he dealing with lowly play from his football team, but he also had to wake up Monday morning with a crazy headache after getting knocked out cold by a big country boy — and a fellow Cincinnati fan on top of that — at a Bengals tailgate.

And don’t get me wrong: I’m not advocating for violence or anything, but the laid-out dude pretty much asked for it as he was running his mouth to the headbutter while he was already getting arrested by police.

It’s not clear what sparked up this whole thing, but good Lord …


I just don’t get it.

You’ve got this big moron wearing Zubaz overalls, and he’s probably mad drunk from the looks of it. I understand he was getting handcuffed, but what on earth made that guy think it was a good idea to talk smack to him while being so close?

I swear the logic of people today, man.

The lesson from this is definitely something we’ve all been taught as kids, but a large portion of us still ignore for some reason: “MIND YOUR BUSINESS.” (RELATED: Houston Texans Fans Throw Blows At Each Other In Gargantuan Brawl As Team Gets Routed By Indianapolis Colts)

Just mind your business, people. And stop with the tough guy act. It’s played out.

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