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Critics Question if CNN Can Host Fair, Unbiased Presidential Debate

Republican critics have questioned whether CNN will present a fair and impartial debate on Thursday, given the network’s repeated evidence of bias against former President Donald Trump.

CNN’s coverage of Trump often includes network staff attempting to fact-check Trump in real time, and also attempting to fact-check Trump immediately after the live broadcast ends.

On Monday, CNN’s Casey Hunt suddenly resumed the tactic against Trump. Ended The interview came after Caroline Leavitt, national press secretary for the Trump campaign, pointed out CNN’s Jake Tapper’s long history of criticizing Trump.

Tapper will co-moderate Thursday’s presidential debate with Dana Bash, both of whom are critics of Trump. liarwas More strict Democrats over Putin Promoting Russian propaganda Already used Adolf Hitler-like rhetoric, pushed The false “Fast and Furious”tried Kill Democracy Once [and] [h]”I’ll do it again.” teeth The anti-Semitic Cause A civil war broke out, Condemned President Trump’s remarks on the New Zealand shootings.

“Given CNN’s conduct over the past eight years, I am confident that the CNN debate will be fair and unbiased!” Donald Trump Jr. Ridiculed.

“Trump’s real opponent in Thursday’s debate is CNN,” said businessman David Sachs. Posts About X.

“Americans cannot trust Jake Tapper or Dana Bash to treat President Trump fairly,” said Fox News contributor Leo Terrell. Said.

Dana Bash was “married to one of the 51 ‘intelligence professionals’ who lied about Hunter Biden’s laptop being ‘Russian disinformation,'” said Alex Bruszewicz, CEO of X-Strategies. Said.

“Our advice to CNN: Silencing guests who have honestly discussed the CNN hosts’ deeply offensive comments and abruptly ending their interviews will only draw further attention to the CNN hosts’ astonishing bias and outrageous slander,” Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller said. Said.

CNN defended Tapper and Bash, calling them “respected, veteran journalists with more than 50 combined years of experience covering politics,” the network said in a statement. hill Obtained.

But the Republican questions seem well-founded, and the debate is likely to favor President Joe Biden. teeth Low, rules of discussion advantage CNN political director David Chalian vowed Monday that Biden and CNN analysts would fact-check the story immediately after it airs.

Trump has promised to debate Biden whenever and wherever he wants, and has agreed to let CNN host the debate.

Trump It is called Biden called a bluff by accepting the CNN debate, Washington Examiner report:

“I believe what they did was offer me a debate that I couldn’t have,” Trump explained. “Dana Bash, Jake Tapper” — Trump called the CNN anchor a “fake Tapper” from start to finish — “no audience, seated, seated at the beginning, dead debate, microphones off when I’m not speaking so I can’t be interrupted. … They knew I wouldn’t accept it because it’s CNN, Dana Bash, Jake Tapper. I like an audience and he probably doesn’t, who knows. So they offered it and figured if I said no, they’d say Trump said no and then he can’t have the debate. So I said yes before they even said the terms. So he got roped into it.”

Biden has refused to take part in more than one debate. Said Biden agreed to do so.

The second debate is scheduled for September.

Wendell Fsebo is a political reporter for Breitbart News and a former Republican War Room analyst. The Politics of Slave MoralityFollow Wendell “Bat” @WendellHusebø or The truth of society @WendellHusebo.