Cuban migrants arrive at Key West airport on a motorized hang glider

It is quite an entrance.

Two Cuban immigrants arrived at Florida’s Key West International Airport on Saturday by electric hang glider.

The pair landed at 10:30 a.m., according to the paper. Monroe County Sheriff’s OfficeNeither are injured.

Officials said the two were handed over to US Border Patrol.

“There has been no service interruption and business continues as normal.” Said Richard Strickland, Airport Manager, Key West International Airport, said:

The Sunshine State has seen a surge in immigration from Cuba in recent months, usually by sea rather than by air.

A pair of Cuban immigrants arrive in Florida by motorized hang glider
MCSO – Florida Keys/Facebook

Economic hardships and the country’s continued authoritarian leadership have driven thousands of Cubans to make the perilous journey across the Florida Straits.

US Border Patrol Chief Agent Walter Slother Said Since October 1, federal law enforcement’s Miami sector has seen a “more than 400% increase in immigrant encounters,” reported in February.

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