D.C. United Slapped With $25,000 Fine After Breaking Race Quota Rule

Okay, so check this out:

Major League Soccer club D.C. United was fined $25,000 by the league because they apparently didn’t “fully comply with the League’s Diversity Hiring Policy.”

Teams are required to have their finalist pool include “two (2) or more candidates from underrepresented groups, whereby at least one (1) candidate must be either Black or African American,” according to MLS Soccer.

“As the league stated, the club’s recent head coach hiring process included two candidates in the finalist pool, per the league policy, from underrepresented groups, one of whom was Black or African American. One of the finalists from an underrepresented group ultimately withdrew from the process, thereby making them unavailable,” D.C. United wrote in a statement on the matter. (RELATED: Women’s Sports Need More Wild Cat Fights Like This One)

The statement went on to say that the candidate was eventually interviewed, and asked the exact same questions as everyone else. “Subsequent to that discussion, the candidate informed the club that it was their preference not to accept the role midseason, but rather to join the club with a full offseason in order to implement their system of play,” the statement read.

Closing out that part of the statement, D.C. United simply said they went on to other candidates that could fit their needs after this particular candidate couldn’t. No foul there. Well, except with Major League Soccer.

In other words, D.C. United soccer club got slapped with a $25,000 fine because the African-American they interviewed wouldn’t accept the position because United wanted him to start midseason rather than waiting to start fresh in a new soccer season.

Essentially, D.C. United is getting punished because the guy decided not to take the job.

This is where political correctness has taken us. Wow.

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