Dad Covers His Son’s Ears As Woman Allegedly Catches Boyfriend At NBA Game With Another Woman

A video showing a dad covering his son’s ears while a woman wearing underwear screamed at a man she apparently caught cheating at a Milwaukee Bucks game went viral online on Sunday.

It’s hard to hear exactly what the scantily-clad woman is saying, but she’s clearly furious with a man sitting just in front of a father and son presumably in attendance at the Milwaukee Bucks game on Sunday night. It’s unclear exactly when the video was taken, but the Bucks played Washington Wizards most recently, and the video was only shared on TikTok later that night.

It’s pretty easy to make out some of the words she uses against the man, such as “bitch, what the  f*ck is up?” She repeats this phrase several times, but it does not appear to elicit the response she was hoping for. Eventually, she gives the man the finger and walks away in pure disgust, only to immediately come back and start once again yelling “what is up?”

A caption on the video reads “when you see your man at the game with another girl,” suggesting this is just another case of a woman scorned. The video racked up 3,500,000 views on Twitter in less than 24-hours, and 190,000 likes on TikTok.

But the real hero of the video is the young kid and his dad sitting just one row of seats away from where the woman conducts her meltdown. Having a child so close to her doesn’t seem to dissuade her from her aggressive and curse-laiden outburst … even with the kid’s dad so obviously covering his ears. (RELATED: Remember ‘Transracial’ Activist Rachel Dolezal? Well, Someone Found Her OnlyFans Account)

Like everyone else watching this video, the dad looks like he’s trying to hold back laughter while watching the whole thing play out. I’m not sure what the funniest part of this video is, but most of it is a hilarious example of our total decline as a species.

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