Damien Woody bloodies hands after smashing mini Patriots helmet

Damian Woody left a bloodstain on his finger after being slammed with a mini-helmet on ESPN’s “The Get Up” on Thursday.

In a segment of the show, Woody had to decide which helmet to break and showed which team he thought would lose this weekend.

He had to shatter the helmet of either the Patriots or Jets, who are scheduled to play Sunday at MetLife Stadium, but the Patriots are the favorites and the Jets haven’t beaten New England since December 2015. However, he chose the Patriots.

However, the Patriots’ season didn’t get off to a good start, as they lost consecutive home games.

As for the Jets, losing Aaron Rodgers in Week 1 leaves them in jeopardy of second place in the AFC East heading into Week 3.

Despite this, Woody chose the Jets, injuring his finger in the process.

Host Mike Greenberg announced to viewers during the show that Woody was “injured,” before a close-up shot of his bloody finger was shown.

“I’m not actually on injured reserve,” Woody said jokingly.

Damian Woody injured his finger on ESPN.

Woody's fingers were covered in blood.
Damian Woody’s fingers were covered in blood.

Damian Woody shatters Patriots helmet on
Damian Woody shatters Patriots helmet on “Get Up!”

“Of course it happened in New England,” he added. “Look at that, that’s a bad omen. They crushed New England and it came back to them.”

The decision was not easy for Woody, as he played for both the Patriots (1999-2003) and Jets (2008-10).

As it turned out, New England’s helmets stood no chance between Mallett and Woody’s offensive guard strength.

Damian Woody celebrates teammate Shawn Green’s touchdown during a 2010 game.
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broken mini patriots helmet
Destroy the Patriots mini-helmet in “Get Up”.

When co-host Harry Douglas was asked what he thought about the cut, he said he thought Woody would be able to withstand it.

“He’s used to it though,” Douglas said. “He played on the offensive line. You’re blocking with your hands and getting physical on every play. He’s used to that kind of thing.”

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