Daniel Penny Speaks Out On Jordan Neely Death: ‘I Couldn’t Just Sit Still’

Former Marine Daniel Penney, who is charged with Jordan Neely’s death, said he was protecting passengers from harm and tried to kill Neely, according to a series of videos released Sunday by Penney’s attorney. I denied that.

Penny faces manslaughter charges after he strangled Neely on the New York subway last month, but Neely acted insane and threatened other passengers on the train. reported. Neely later died when his passenger was unable to resuscitate him after he was strangled.

penny defended Neely has threatened to “kill” the passenger and insists action must be taken.

“The man tripped, looked like he was doing drugs, slammed the door, ripped his jacket off and threw it at the people sitting to my left,” Penny said. “He was yelling, so I pulled out my headphones and asked him what he was yelling about. The three main threats he repeated over and over again were: ‘I will kill you and you will be in prison for the rest of your life. I am prepared to enter.’ And I will gladly die.”

“I was scared myself, but I looked around and saw women and children. He was yelling in their faces and saying these threats. I didn’t go,” he added.

A video of the altercation circulated online in early May, showing Penny strangling Neely on the floor of a train. It was previously reported that Penny held Neely in the chokehold for 15 minutes, which ultimately resulted in Penny’s death. (Related article: DeSantis-supported fundraiser wins $1 million in defense of Daniel Penney)

Penny disputed the claim.

“Some say I held Mr. Neely for 15 minutes. This is not true. Only a few minutes between stops,” Penny said. “So the whole exchange took him less than five minutes.”

Penny also refuted claims that he intentionally tried to kill Neely.

“Some say I tried to choke him to death, but that’s also not true. I was trying to restrain him,” he said.

Penny also claimed that his actions had nothing to do with race, as many media outlets have previously stated. report: “Some people say this is about race, but that’s totally ridiculous. I didn’t see a black man threatening a passenger, I saw a man threatening a passenger.” But many of the passengers were people of color.”

“I knew I had to act, and I acted to protect the other passengers, protect myself, and protect Neely,” Penny said. “I used this hold to restrain him…if you watch the video you can clearly see his chest bobbing up and down and you can see he’s still breathing.”

Penny has been charged with second-degree manslaughter. His next court date is scheduled for July 17. Penney’s supporters have raised millions of dollars in his funds. defense.

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