Daniel Sloss is ‘only’ comedian to stand up to Russell Brand, support his accusers in bombshell documentary

Warning: dire

A Scottish comic has gone viral as the “only comedian” to speak out on record about rape and sexual assault allegations against comedian and actor Russell Brand.

The accusations that Brand sexually assaulted five women between 2006 and 2013 came to light over the weekend after a year-long joint investigation by Channel 4 Dispatch and The Times. Brand, 48, has vehemently denied her allegations and no criminal charges have been filed against her.

In the nearly three-minute video, which was shared to his 11 million X followers and 6.5 million YouTube subscribers, Brando said that any encounters during the “orgy” were “consensual” and that he was ” He was targeted by the media he collaborated with.” attack”.

As part of the dispatch On the show, Scottish stand-up comedian Daniel Sloss appeared to support the women who made the accusations.

Comedian Daniel Sloss is the ‘only’ comedian to support Russell Brand’s victims in documentary.
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Sloss was described as “the only one” among the comics and agents contacted by journalists for the film who was “ready to speak on camera” about the allegations against Brando.

The 33-year-old said he heard “a lot of stories” about Brando’s alleged behavior when he was working in comedy more than a decade ago.

“It didn’t just come from one person or one group of people, it was different incidents over different years, and they varied in severity,” Sloss said in the film.

Russell Brand denies allegations of sexual misconduct and assault.
Russell Brand denies allegations of sexual misconduct and assault.
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He said he was aware that female comedians had set up group chats to warn each other about men in the industry “to avoid.”

“I know women have been warning each other about Russell for years.”

journalist from dispatch The team said it saw messages from WhatsApp groups discussing the brand.

“I know there are comedians who have referenced[Brand’s actions]in jokes and have been asked or told not to do those jokes anymore,” Sloss added.

The comedian said he had heard “many stories” about Brand’s alleged behavior.
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“It’s scary to hear that, it’s terrifying. We don’t know where these people are coming from and how high up in the sky they are.”

Sloss said he believes people in “positions of authority” should have done more about the allegations and rumors circulating about the brand.

“I don’t think there were questions asked about Mr. Russell that should have been asked before he was hired on a particular errand,” he said.

“Sometimes when I look at people in high positions of authority in this industry, I wonder if I could have done more.”

Since appearing in the documentary, Sloss has been described as a “rare true ally” in the comedy industry.

Australian comedian Rose Callaghan wrote on the former Twitter site X that she was grateful to Sloss for speaking out when “so many other men” were silent. Ta.

“Without talking about celebrating the man, I just think it’s cool that he did it because if he hadn’t said anything, no one would have questioned it,” she added. .

Meanwhile, British comedian Eleanor Conway posted a video on TikTok saying, “What surprised me the most about the Russell Brand documentary was not Russell Brand, but Daniel Sloss.”

“He put his life on the line in this documentary to support women. He’s a successful comedian, he doesn’t have to put himself out there, and he supports women. It criticized the brand.”

Sloss’s speaking out highlights the lack of men trying to do the same thing, which is why it’s so “extraordinary,” she said.

“But isn’t that unusual? A man calling another man?

Russell Brand hosts short-lived MTV show "1 Leicester Square" In 2006.
Russell Brand hosted the short-lived MTV show 1 Leicester Square in 2006.

“Not behaving badly is another way that men demonstrate their low standards to women.”

Many people commented on Conway’s video and said they were not surprised that Sloss spoke in the documentary.

“Those who have followed his career will not be surprised at all by this. Daniel Sloss is one of the few comics I can trust with a drink,” one user commented.

“I’ve been watching Daniel Sloss for years and I’m not surprised he came forward,” another wrote. “The bar is low, but he’s one of the few who can overcome it.”

Fans also mentioned a clip from a 2019 HBO Special X in which Sloss berates men who don’t speak up about sexual assault.

russell brand
Russell Brand has been accused of rape, sexual assault and abuse by four women.
Russell Brand/Twitter

At the end of the special, Sloss talks about an incident in which he “failed” to protect a female friend from rape by a mutual male friend. The incident is unrelated to the allegations against the brand.

“I’ve known this man for eight years, and he did terrible things,” Sloss said in the video, before going on to “participate” with the men in misogynistic behavior. He called on people to actively raise their objections.

“Don’t make the same mistake I made for years, which is to just sit back and say, ‘Well, I’m not part of the problem, so I have to be part of the solution, too.’ It was like, “That’s not the way this thing should be done.” … It’s going to work,” he added.

“I believe that most men are good, and of course we know deep down that we are good too. But 1 in 10 men are shit, and the other 9 If they don’t do anything, they might as well not be there.

“It is absolutely important for everyone to be good on the inside. We must actively do good and participate.”

Sloss called on men to ditch their “hero complex” and instead try to “prevent rape” rather than acting after it happens.

“I know I can do it because I know how I failed,” he said.

“Because if I’m 100 percent honest with myself, were there any signs in my friend’s behavior toward women over the years that I was ignoring? The answer is yes, and he raped my friend, and that will be on me until the day I die.”

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