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Darrelle Revis explains his ‘beef’ with Jets legend Joe Klecko

Darrell Leavis has opened up about his feud with Jets legend Joe Klecco.

Reavis, a seven-time Pro Bowl cornerback for the Jets and scheduled to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this summer alongside Klecco, made an appearance on the TV show. “The Jake Assman Show” On Wednesday, to explain the backstory behind a tweet he sent Monday that revealed a rift between the two players.

On Monday, Reavis retracted earlier words he told Kleco when the two met at the Super Bowl that he and Kleco were the greatest Jets defensive players of all time.

Reavis retracted his initial sentiments in a tweet.

“My way of thinking is that obviously I’m at the top of the all-time greats list, but as a gentleman I decided to say something cool about the headline,” Reavis said.

Reavis said Wednesday that Klecco contacted him about meeting before the Super Bowl, but the two were unable to get in touch because they were in between trips at the time and didn’t respond.

Leavis said Klecko complained to others about cornerbacks Miffing him.

Darrell Revis has opened up about his relationship with the Jets legend.

“The inside story is that he was trying to call me out in front of the Pro Football Hall of Fame staff for not replying to the message.”

“I wasn’t very grateful,” Reavis says. “We have a lot going on. I know a lot of people are very busy and a lot going on.”

Reavis spoke with Asman on Wednesday and reiterated that he feels a disconnect between him and Klecco.

“First of all, me and Joe, we have an age gap, we don’t know each other very well, who I am, my circle is small, there’s a story behind the Super Bowl. , probably where what happened,’ he said.

But the former cornerback reiterated that he didn’t mean to downplay Klecco’s impressive career.

“I never take anything from Joe Cleco’s career. He’s worked as hard as everyone else and deserves it,” Reavis said.

Joe Klecco
Joe Klecco will be honored in Canton in August.
USA Today Sports

Reavis said he thinks the situation is exaggerated.

“A lot of people, a lot of Jets fans, are watching if this is something weird going on or if it’s some sort of problem,” he said.

“I don’t think there’s anything more problematic than that, but it was a misunderstanding based on text messages that I didn’t understand at the time.”

Joe Klecco
Joe Kleco played three positions on the Jets’ defensive line.
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Both players have established themselves as legendary defensive players throughout their careers.

Kleko was a member of the prestigious New York Sack Exchange, was named UPI Defensive Player of the Year in 1981, and was named to the Pro Bowl four times.

Reavis was a four-time All-Pro first-team selection and won the Super Bowl with the Patriots in 2015.

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