David Brooks post about $78 meal goes blows up online

Author and New York Times opinion columnist David Brooks shared photos of the food and drinks, noting that the meal he bought at the airport cost a whopping $78.

“This meal cost $78 at Newark Airport. This is why Americans think the economy is terrible,” Brooks said. I have written.

Brooks shared the photo but did not say which restaurant she ordered the meal from. His posts have been viewed more than 29 million times on his X to date.

“No, Americans think (and know) that the economy is terrible based on the price of regular groceries at their local supermarket. Not because they drank alcohol and had lunch at the airport.” Kimberly Ross says. tweeted In response to Brooks’ post.

“We need to know the brand of whiskey before we can judge the validity of this bill,” Ben Dreyfuss said. tweeted.

“When you have a few drinks and blame the economy” George Takei I have written.

“The same meal at Newark Airport cost just over $17 (Smokehouse Restaurant, right?) And yes, David, airport food is more expensive ($17 instead of $78).Travelers Because the market pushes up prices because you are a captive consumer. But you know all this…you are just lying.” Kurt Eichenwald I have written.somewhere else post He added, “…By the way, I just noticed the scotch. How many bottles did you buy before it was $78? Maybe next time I’ll buy water, like I did. Drunk on a plane. It’s best not to become one.”

1911 Smokehouse Barbecue post On Facebook, he suggested that alcohol was to blame for the high price of the meal. The post stated, “Looks like someone got some serious drinks back. The bar tab is almost 80 percent and they’re complaining about the food bill,” and added, “Keep drinking buddies. We’re all repaid.” “I will,” he added.

According to the magazine, 1911 owner Maurice Hallett said, “We’re probably going to give a special thank you to David Brooks in appreciation of the publicity he’s given us.” . new york post. “It’ll be a cheeseburger and a double whiskey.” According to the paper, Hallett estimated that if the bill was $78, Brooks would have to order “two doubles.” He noted that the double whiskey costs between $28 and $29, according to the store.

The restaurant is already advertisement “D BROOKS SPECIAL” is $17.78.

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