David Wells takes on wokeness, Nike, Bud Light and MLB

Former MLB star David Wells responded to progressive stalwart Keith Olbermann with the perfect response in the online uproar over the Bud Light controversy. The former New York Yankees starting pitcher also took offense to Nike’s corporate awakening and coddling of Major League Baseball players.

Wells appeared at the 75th Annual Old Timers Day held at Yankee Stadium on Saturday. The day marked the 25th anniversary of the 1998 Bronx Bombers team that won 125 games and won the World Series.

Wells covered the Nike logo on his Yankees jersey with medical tape on Old Timers Day because he doesn’t agree with the sneaker company’s politics.

Wells declared, “I hate Nike! They’re awake!”

according to The Athletic“He said that if he were playing today, he would have cut holes in his jersey and worn it on the field rather than displaying the Nike logo on his body.”

Wells also defended embattled Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, who has come under fire for the team’s disappointing season, saying today’s MLB players are kind. .

“It always seems like (general managers) and coaches and everyone else gets fired and gets blamed for it, but it’s the players (to blame),” Wells said. “If you weren’t doing your job on the field and I was the GM, I would start texting.”

The starting pitcher, who retired with 239 wins, called on MLB teams to send underperforming players to the minor leagues to “send a message.”

“I don’t care how much money you make,” he continued. “Send them a message and let them sit there and think. That’s what you have to do. In retrospect, I think they’re spoiling them too much. They’re spoiling them too much. …It’s up to your peers to make you better.”

The pitcher, nicknamed “Boomer,” recalled when the team’s catcher Jorge Posada assaulted him when he pitched poorly with the Yankees.

“He slammed me into a pillar and it hit me in the face, but I respected that,” Wells said.

Wells added, “But for me, that’s something you don’t see anymore. You don’t see the players looking at each other. And it’s nothing personal. We’re here to win. , and that’s what they strive for.” From my perspective, I don’t think they have that camaraderie anymore. ”

When asked if he drinks Bud Light, Wells retorted, “No!”

Former MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann brought himself into the situation by questioning whether Wells doesn’t drink Bud Light anymore.

Seeking rebuttal, Olbermann tagged Wells on the X social media platform with a screenshot of the former star pitcher expressing his dissatisfaction with Bud Light.

olbermann tweeted“Bulls**t. @BoomerWell33 Will drink wood alcohol. Another terrible scam. ”

Wells fired back at Olbermann with a home run and said, “Keith, shut up. You never played the game, you work for ESPN, and you just talk bad about all of us players.”

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