Deadspin adds editor’s note to story about kid wearing blackface following lawsuit threat; removes photo, changes headline

Deadspin added: Editor's note A 9-year-old boy attended a Kansas City Chiefs game wearing blackface and was accused of cultural appropriation of Native Americans by wearing a headdress during the game, prompting threats of legal action from the boy's parents. In the article that accused him of.

The paper also removed a photo of a boy with only half of his face painted black, while the other half was found to have been painted red to match the Chiefs' team colors.

Deadspin said it also changed the article's headline and removed links and posts related to the original article.

The editor's note reads:

On November 27, Deadspin criticizes the NFL for allowing young fans to attend the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Las Vegas Raiders game on November 26 wearing traditional Native American headdresses. They published an opinion piece and explained what they saw based on the available photos. It will be black face paint.

Unfortunately, this article got a lot of attention from fans, but our intended focus was on the NFL and its checkered history with race, an issue that our writers have covered extensively on Deadspin . Three years ago, the Chiefs banned fans from wearing headdresses at Arrowhead Stadium and face painting that “appropriated American Indian culture and traditions.” The intended focus of this article was the NFL and its failure to expand its rules league-wide.

We regret that it has been pointed out that we are attacking our fans. To that end, we updated our story on December 7th to remove photos, tweets, links, and other personally identifying information about our fans. We have also revised the heading to better reflect the content of the article.

Here are more details about the new headline and photos:

  • first heading read, “The NFL needs to speak out against Kansas City Chiefs fans who wear blackface and Native headdresses.” A new headline reads: “NFL must ban Native headdresses and culturally insensitive face paint in the stands (updated).”
  • The new photo in this article features NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Out kick attracts attention The updated article also does not include the following opening paragraph: “It's hard to despise two groups of people at the same time. But on Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas, Kansas City Chiefs fans found a way to hate Black people and Native Americans.” Americans at the same time. '' The updated text reads, “It's hard to disrespect two groups of people at once, but someone in the stands at a Kansas City Chiefs game in Las Vegas on Sunday afternoon found a way to “Unresolved questions have arisen.”

What is your background?

Last week, Holden Armenta's parents threatened to sue Deadspin and demanded a retraction and an apology. NewsNation reported.

In relation to the cultural appropriation accusation, Holden's mother said: Facebook page Her son is actually Native American. The Armenta family said they are part of the Chumash tribe of California and previously lived on a reservation. Fox News reported..

Holden's father told Fox News' Jesse Watters that he is “angry” and “upset” about the damage the controversy has caused his son. “He is pretty devastated.”

Holden's parents, Shannon Armenta and Raul Armenta, hired Claire Locke LLP to represent Phillips, Deadspin, G/O Media and Great Hill, according to a letter obtained by NewsNation. He threatened to file a lawsuit against Partners.

“These articles, the posts to X, and the photos about Holden and his parents must be retracted immediately.” “Revocation is not enough,” the letter said, “unless you publish your retraction and apologize to my client with as much publicity as you did. “No,” he slandered them. ”

Prior to the threat of legal action, Blaze News writer Carlos Garcia said Phillips had used non-disparaging language accusing him of hating Mexicans in an attempt to counter many of his critics. It pointed out.

“For those idiots who treat this as a harmless act because the other side of his face was painted red in my mention, you could also argue that it makes things even worse. ” said Phillips. I wrote it on the X post, which now appears to have been deleted. “You all hate Mexicans, yet you wear sombreros in Cinco.”

Coincidentally, Phillips' X account posts are currently protected.

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