Dean Cain Flees Home Over ‘Terrible’ Quality Of Life

Former “Superman” actor Dean Cain said Wednesday he is leaving California over the state’s progressive policies.

While in conversation with Fox, Cain announced he is fleeing California due to out-of-control homelessness, extremely high taxes and the soft-on-crime policies that have destroyed the state’s quality of life.

“I love California. It’s the most beautiful state. Everything’s wonderful about it except for the policies. The policies are just terrible. The fiscal policies, the soft-on-crime policies, the homelessness policies,” Cain explained.

He noted that he’s not alone, people are leaving the Golden State in “droves,” and the only thing to blame is California’s political leadership. Cain joins the likes of “Happy Days” star Scott Baio and superstar Mark Wahlberg in bailing, something he noted during the interview.

“Mark’s done a smart thing, and hopefully, I believe I’ve done a very, very smart thing,” Cain noted, having listed his Malibu home for $6.25 million in May so he could head out to Las Vegas. (RELATED: Marvel’s Frank Grillo Rips LA Crime After His Boxing Trainer Is Shot And Killed Outside Weed Store)

“I’ve been here for two weeks now, and I can tell you, [it’s a] smart move… my son is ten times happier here in Las Vegas. If I wanted to do anything out of Malibu, it took me 45 minutes to an hour to get anywhere. Here, the longest I’m driving is 20 minutes,” Cain described. Nevada’s lack of state income tax was also a huge draw for the actor.

You can watch the full interview here:

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