Debt Bill Talks ‘Lose-Lose’ for Biden, I Couldn’t Vote for Making People Pay Loans, Decrease Spending by a Billion

In an interview on Friday’s “The Issue Is,” Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Barbara Lee (D-California) said negotiations over a debt ceiling deal would be “lost” for President Joe Biden.・He said that he would lose, and that he had voted. She opposes the debt ceiling bill because it would “reduce domestic discretionary spending by $1 billion,” impose work requirements and suspend student loan payments.

Lee said, “I must say the president did a phenomenal job, but seeing as Kevin McCarthy and the MAGA Republicans really wanted to default on their debts, the demand for the job was going well.” My decision was really a loss,” he said.Students will have to repay these loans again in the future, as they disproportionately affect black and brown women with children.[s]So there were some terms. And as a diverter, seeing that, seeing our discretionary domestic spending drop by $1 billion, I had to represent voters and 20 million people here in California . You can get out of poverty with just one more paycheck. “

Lee added that he knew before he voted that the bill would pass anyway and the country would not default.

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