Defense secretary’s new guidance on drag shows on military bases has immediate impact: Report

Several military installations have canceled drag shows scheduled for Pride Month following the Pentagon’s ban.

Drag shows at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, and Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany, previously approved by facility officials, were canceled at the direction of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, reports. .

The cancellation comes after shows on military bases have come under intense scrutiny in recent weeks, sparking moves by Republican senators to pass a bill banning them.

The bill, promoted by Senator Steve Danes (R-Mont State), states that “Any facility that is diverted or otherwise made available to the Department of Defense and owned or operated by the Department of Defense shall not be permitted to host, advertise, or otherwise It contained the phrase, “It cannot be used to assist Adult cabaret performance. “

GOP Senators Move To Ban Drag Shows From Military Bases: ‘Grease Diversion Of Taxpayer Funds’

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin smiled at a news conference. (AP Photo/Roman Koksarov)

The bill defined “adult cabaret” as performances featuring shows featuring topless, go-go dancing, exotic dances, or sexually appealing male or female impersonations.

“Our military’s mission is clear: to deter and win wars, provide the necessary forces, and keep our country and our allies safe,” Daines said of the bill. “Allowing the Department of Defense to become a far-left faction that helps promote radical gender ideologies by hosting and promoting drag queen performances is a threat to our national security and taxpayers. It is a serious misuse of funds.”

The Nellis Air Force Base show was specifically targeted by Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gates, who called on the Pentagon to answer why a “children’s” drag show was appropriate to be held at a Nevada base. rice field.

In the letter, Gates said, “We are seeking an immediate answer as to why these drag shows are still taking place when Austin and General Millie have testified that they should not take place. ‘ said.

Nellis Air Force Base sign

Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas. (LE Bascow/Las Vegas Review Journal)

Gates Cancels Pride Month ‘Family Friendly’ Drag Show at Nevada Air Force Base

The letter comes after testimony by Austin and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley in March, when Gates asked why the show was on at a House Armed Services Committee hearing. Millie looked confused.

“I’d like to see them myself and find out what’s really going on there, because it’s the first time I hear about something like that,” Millie said. “I don’t agree with them and would like to discuss them. I don’t think those things should happen.”

A Pentagon spokesman said certain standards must be met to use the department’s facilities and equipment.

“As Secretary Austin stated, the Department of Defense does not host drug events at U.S. military installations or installations,” the spokesperson said in a statement provided to Fox News Digital. “Holding this type of event at a federally funded facility violates Department of Defense resource use regulations.”

Lloyd Austin Mark Milley

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (left) listens to General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, speaking at a press conference at the Pentagon.

Republican congressman asks military executives at base drag show ‘I’ve never heard of that’

The statement added that the service members were “proud to serve alongside all young Americans who are taking oaths to risk their lives” to protect their country.

“Military personnel and their families participate in many special activities, often related to personal tastes, beliefs and backgrounds,” the statement said.

Air Force officials, meanwhile, told that the order would either cancel scheduled drag shows at Air Force facilities or force them to be moved off-base.


“Consistent with Secretary Austin’s congressional testimony, the Air Force will not host drug events at its facilities or facilities,” the official said. “Commanders have been instructed to either cancel these events or relocate them to off-base locations.”

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