Dem Group Tries To Win Over Moms Through Abortion, LGBT Kids

A Democratic political action committee is attempting to strengthen the political power of liberal mothers and zeroing in on culture war issues like guns, LGBT issues and abortion.

Vote Mama PAC endorses and funds Democratic candidates for office and sets up prospective candidates with mentors, according to its website, recently starting the “Vote Mama Lobby” to get mothers more engaged in politics. The group focuses heavily on social issues: various social media posts and statements on its website are supportive of gay and transgender children and argue that Christian leaders need to support same-sex marriage and other pro-LGBT positions.

While conservatives have long been associated with family values, the PAC is attempting to change that perception, a spokeswoman told the Daily Caller News Foundation.


“The Conservative movement has long operated under the guise of ‘family values,’” she said. “But the reality is by refusing to enact paid family leave and affordable childcare, voting against solving the formula shortage, and now introducing a national ban on abortion – they have shown nothing but contempt for women, children, and families.”

The organization started an advocacy group called “Vote Mama Lobby” to support more than 150 candidates across 31 states in races ranging from local school boards to the U.S. Senate, according to Axios. In addition to numerous Instagram posts supporting child gender transitions and calling for empowerment of gay and transgender children, the group also emphasizes abortion, arguing that abortion restrictions limit the rights of their daughters.

Mothers and the political groups they run have gained national notoriety in the past year, with the conservative group Moms for Liberty promoting parental rights in education, drawing attention to sexualized content in schools and getting involved in local school board races. A Vote Mama spokeswoman denied that they drew inspiration from Moms for Liberty, noting that their group was launched in 2019, before the rise of Moms for Liberty.

“Childcare that costs more than college, a gun violence epidemic, attacks on our reproductive rights, and even a baby formula shortage. American moms are not okay,” she told the DCNF. “Vote Mama Lobby is here for those fed-up moms. Moms who are fed-up with our children being targeted in schools – both by guns and by oppressive groups like Moms for Liberty who are pushing dangerous policies that threaten our children’s autonomy and very right to exist as they are. We are here for moms who are fed-up with our reproductive rights hanging in the balance and our daughters growing up with less autonomy than our sons.”

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