Dem Sen. Bob Casey slammed by GOP for shifting immigration stances: ‘Complicit in the crisis’

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Pennsylvania Democratic Sen. Bob Casey drew criticism from Republicans earlier this month when he criticized Republicans for not supporting a controversial Senate immigration bill. Republicans have argued that he pushed certain immigration policies during campaigns and voted against them in off-years, a feature that has been a hallmark of controversy in Casey’s office.

“Bob Casey, in the race of his life, opposed building a border wall and even supported mass amnesty and taxpayer-funded health care for illegal immigrants,” said Philip Lettu, a spokesman for the National Republican Party. I hope Pennsylvanians will forget that.” the committee told FOX News Digital.

“Casey will say anything for power, even if it means lying to Pennsylvanians.”

“Today, we had an opportunity to pass the strongest border security bill in decades, but Senate Republicans walked away,” Casey said in a statement. press release Last week, he accused Republicans of playing politics in defeating the Senate immigration bill.

“After insisting that border security is an emergency that needs to be addressed immediately, my colleagues on the other side of the aisle are brazenly admitting that this issue can wait until after the November election. We all know the reason for this contempt.”The American people know that Senate Republicans have contempt for their presidential candidate because he would rather campaign on this crisis than solve it.” is. ”

Since taking office in 2006, Mr. Casey has repeatedly voted against border security measures in years when he was not running for re-election, but in years when his name appeared on the ballot. He called for stronger border security.

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Sen Bob Casey (Getty Images)

This year, Casey will assist with drug detection at the border; Law introduced in January “aimed to strengthen security along the southwest border.”But Casey voted twice against drug detection at the border. in 2021 Casey did not run for re-election either year.

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Sean Parnell, who supports David McCormick’s campaign, said: took me to XFormerly known as Twitter, Casey said he “voted against the 2021 amendment to ensure that illegal aliens charged with crimes are not eligible for pardon.”

Mr. Casey campaigned against amnesty when he was running for Senate in 2006, saying that his Republican opponent, Sen. Rick Santorum, supported amnesty because it was a “big deal.” “It’s a lie,” he said.

“Bob Casey opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants,” Casey says. campaign advertisement said in 2006.

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Mr. Casey vowed to “stand up” for American workers against amnesty and criticized Mr. Santorum for not being strong enough on immigration.

Years later, when he ran unsuccessfully for the Senate in 2007 and 2013, Casey supported legislation that included a path to citizenship, which critics called a de facto amnesty.

casey voted in favor of the motion In 2007, he invoked cloture to limit debate on the 2007 immigration reform bill, which included a path to citizenship, and voted multiple times in June of that year to advance immigration reform.

Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania attended the event in Fieldelphia.

Sen. Bob Casey, Democratic Party of Pennsylvania (AP)

One month ago, in May 2007, Casey voted against The proposed amendment would remove a path to citizenship from the Immigration Reform Act.

When the immigration compromise failed in Congress, Mr. Casey said: press release Congress “buried its head in the sand,” he said.

Six years later, when a comprehensive immigration reform bill was being debated in 2013 and Mr. Casey was not running for re-election, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party I voted for This package included a gradual path to citizenship.

casey defended that vote He pointed to a number of strong security measures, including increasing the number of Border Patrol agents.

Casey’s campaign told Fox News Digital this week that the senator “supports both border security and civil rights measures.”

When Casey ran for Senate in 2006, he supported fencing on the southern border, calling it a “strategic” point and necessary. He has mentioned securing our borders several times, saying in May 2006, “Congress must enforce existing laws and secure our borders before giving illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.” said.

Two years later, when Casey was not running for re-election, he opposed border fencing. Voted March 2008 He opposed an amendment that would have added border fencing and deployed 6,400 National Guard troops to the border.

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In July 2009, Casey did not run for re-election. voted against The amendment called for the border fence to be installed by the end of 2010.

Casey voted two more times. 2010 and 2013who is not up for re-election, voted against an amendment that would have required the border fence to be completed.

Mr. Casey ran for Senate in 2006, supporting penalties for companies that employ illegal immigrants, and touted legislation to crack down on hiring illegal immigrants while supporting the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act that year.

Even though the bill wasn’t perfect, Casey said he supported the bill’s proposals to double fines for employers who employ illegal immigrants, add immigration employment inspectors and introduce an electronic verification system. Then he said.

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Aerial photo shows a group of migrants standing at the U.S.-Mexico border on February 1, 2024 in El Paso, Texas. (Lokman Vral Elibor/Anadolu via Getty Images)

Casey even criticized Santorum for not doing enough to punish companies that employ illegal immigrants, saying, “Santorum means well.” [border security]” But “I voted against it seven times.”

On several occasions during his campaign, Mr. Casey called for tougher penalties for companies that employ illegal immigrants, and Mr. Santorum argued that he was soft on the issue.

“I support tougher penalties for businesses that employ illegal immigrants. My opponent voted against increasing penalties for those businesses.” said casey at that time.

Sen.Casey promoted taxpayer funding for LGBTQ centers that hosted youth drag shows and promoted communist events.

In a 2006 debate with Mr. Santorum, Mr. Casey criticized Republican senators who voted “against holding employers accountable” through employer verification systems.

Three years later, in 2009, when Casey wasn’t on the ballot, he voted for murder Modifications to strengthen electronic verification screening.

casey seconded the motion Sen. Chuck Schumer, a fellow Democrat, introduced a Republican amendment in 2009 that would have forced federal agencies to require government contractors to verify the citizenship status of their employees.

Also in 2009, Casey voted “yes” on the ballot. Submit an amendment It would extend e-verify.

israel mccormick

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dave McCormick witnessed photographic evidence of a Hamas attack. (Dave McCormick Campaign/Fox News Digital)

In 2006, Casey ran for the Senate and was a vocal opponent of federal benefits for illegal immigrants.

“I don’t support it, and no one supports it,” Casey said of Santorum’s “claim” that he supports Social Security benefits for illegal immigrants.

Over the next decade, Casey voted in favor of federal benefits given to illegal immigrants multiple times in years when he was not running for re-election. vote against An amendment that would require individuals to sign an oath confirming their citizenship before receiving Obamacare health benefits.

Casey did not run for Congress in 2015. voted against A bill that would have prohibited federal benefits to illegal immigrants was defeated, and they voted against funding for the Department of Homeland Security, which would have blocked federal benefits to illegal immigrants, for a total of four times.

“Bob Casey is complicit in this crisis,” Casey’s challenger, Republican David McCormick, told FOX News Digital. “For 18 years in the Senate, he has taken decisive action and worked hard to secure our border.”

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“Instead, he has spent his time enabling weak policies that make Pennsylvanians less safe and hurt our economy. Our country deserves a leader who will make closing our borders to illegal immigration a top priority.” .”

Maddie McDaniel, Bob Casey’s communications director in the Senate, said in a statement to Fox News Digital: “I want Casey to work to strengthen border security and introduce bipartisan legislation to combat cross-border fentanyl smuggling. “We have a long track record of passing legislation.”

“David McCormick has refused to support a bipartisan bill that would have been called the “toughest border and immigration law in modern history,” with support from the Border Patrol, to crack down on fentanyl trafficking. , which is why Pennsylvanians know Mr. McCormick cannot be trusted.”

The campaign points to several examples of Mr. Casey “working to strengthen border security across the corridor,” including drug testing and tracking of fentanyl shipments by the Postal Service from China. This includes the INTERDICT Act and STOP Act of 2017, which provided funding for

The campaign also pointed to Mr. Casey’s past votes on immigration, which had the support of some Republicans.



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