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Democrat candidate arrested targeting self fake hate crime

A White House appointee to former President Biden and now the Democratic candidate for county commissioner in Fort Bend County, Texas, has done an imitation of Jussie Smollett.

Talal Patel was arrested last week on suspicion of online impersonation after creating fake social media accounts and posting racist comments about herself in an attempt to garner sympathy for and discredit her opponent.

“Hate crimes don’t exist, so they have to make them up.” Sara Gonzalez I comment annoyed. “Well, I wonder who’s going to win,” she scoffs.

Ms Patel wrote a lengthy Facebook post in September in which she portrayed herself and her family as the victims of a vicious race-based smear campaign launched by supporters of her opponent, and included a fabricated message.

In the messages, Patel called himself a “monkey” and a “subhuman” and attacked his Hindu beliefs.

“I want Ms. Patel to know that this is MAGA country,” laughed Logan Hall, a digital strategist at Blaze Media, referring to the Jussie Smollett fake hate crime from a few years ago.

“Well, didn’t you learn anything from Jussy?” Gonzales asks.

“Their biggest trump card is identity politics, which remains the undefeated champion. So, apparently, the greatest sin in America is someone being known to be racist or saying racist things,” Hall explains.

“If someone utters a vulgar remark that is politically incorrect, it becomes a national scandal,” he added.


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