Democrat-Controlled House Votes to Add Grandfathered Guns to ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

Connecticut’s Democratic-run House of Representatives on Thursday voted to expand the state’s ban on “assault weapons” to include firearms that were exempt when the original ban was passed.

CT mirror I got it The Connecticut Legislature has passed two “assault weapon” bans, each time with a grandfather clause in the ban, allowing those who already owned a banned firearm to possess it. It says.

On Dec. 11, 2022, Breitbart News reported that Gov. Ned Lamont (Democrat) would extend the current ban to remove the grandfather clause exempting firearms that Democrats defined as “assault weapons.” reportedly promoted.

“[AR-15s]shouldn’t be allowed in Connecticut. I think they’re killers… I think they’re incredibly dangerous in our community. Leave them on the streets.” is not serious about crime.”

Connecticut House is now following the path laid out by Lamont. CT news addict It pointed out If the bill passes the Senate, previously exempt firearm owners “must register with the state by May of next year.”

The House-passed gun control also removed the exemption for firearms that Democrats call “ghost guns,” i.e. firearms that are home-assembled and have no serial numbers, and that such firearms, including previously obsolete firearms, are no longer permitted. All registrations are compulsory.

Associated Press explained Gun control also bans the open carrying of firearms in the state.

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