Democrat-linked PR Firm Does Not Deny Role in Anti-Netanyahu Protests in U.S.

Trident DMG, a Washington, D.C.-based public relations firm with ties to the Democratic Party, did not deny Wednesday that the company is involved in organizing protests against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the United States.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has faced protests in California and New York over his judicial reforms in Israel. Even though California and New York both elect their judges, the system is far more radical than the one Prime Minister Netanyahu is proposing.

Some protesters carried Israeli flags, but some in the Jewish community are amplifying anti-Israel rhetoric by opposing the country’s democratically elected leaders. Some are concerned that this may be the case.

Breitbart News reported last week: politikoIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political opposition hired Trident DMG through an organization called Blue and White Future on an initial three-month contract of $75,000.

When Breitbart News asked Trident DMG in an email whether Trident DMG is playing a role in the ongoing U.S. protests against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trident DMG co-founder and partner Eleanor McManus responded as follows (emphasis in original):

Israel is experiencing a severe crisis, with existential implications for all sectors of the country and society. Trident is proud to partner with Blue White Future to make American audiences aware of the grave risks to Israeli democracy and the efforts to secure the nation as a free and democratic nation. I am thinking. Blue White Future is a pioneer of more than 270 Israeli NGOs, local organizations, and grassroots groups that make up the “Israel Democratic Headquarters,” including the technology community, women’s rights organizations, doctors, academics, lawyers, local communities, and others. represents the field ofgroup Uniting across the political spectrum around the common goal of defending democracy and saving Israel..

Notably, Trident DMG has denied any role in organizing anti-Netanyahu protests as part of an effort to “make American audiences aware of the grave risks to Israeli democracy” that judicial reform purportedly poses. There wasn’t.

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