Democrat PAC Plans $100M Abortion Blitz to Take House in November

The Democratic House Majority PAC plans to spend $100 million on ads about the killing of unborn children through abortion in an effort to energize voters and take back the House in November.

The Reproductive Freedom and Responsibility Fund puts money into swing districts across the United States. hill report Citing the memo, the PAC said Wednesday that the money will be used to step up voter outreach in key House races where presidential and Senate primaries are not taking place.

The report said the super PAC is focusing on the abortion issue after it had some success in the 2022 midterm elections, staving off an “expected Republican wave.” Democrats plan to tell voters that the threat of abortion will be even greater in 2024.

The note reportedly read:

In the battle to win majority control in 2024, HMP [House Majority PAC] The bill creates a stark contrast for voters: Democrats committed to growing the economy and easing the burden on American families, while Republicans are obsessed with banning abortion and stripping away American freedoms. The Republican Party’s inability to understand that the vast majority of Americans oppose their attempts to strip away rights will play to Democrats’ advantage.

The report said $85 million will be spent on paid messaging in pro-abortion areas including Denver, Portland, Oregon, Los Angeles and New York City.

Another $10 million will be spent on advertising, door-to-door canvassing, text messaging, voter registration and mobilization campaigns in areas “with numerous races that could decide the House majority,” including New York, Oregon and California, according to the report.

“Democrats across the country are emphasizing the abortion issue in an effort to galvanize their base, which is indifferent to a Biden-Trump rematch and unhappy with the Biden administration’s economic policies and handling of the Israel-Hamas war,” the report said.

Republicans currently hold a slim 217-213 majority in the House of Representatives, with five vacant seats.

Katherine Hamilton is a political reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow her on X. Follow.