Dems Terrified: Poll Reveals ‘Unprecedented Opening’ For Biden Challenger

In a highly disturbing development for U.S. President Joe Biden, recent polls show that nearly half of U.S. voters would support a third-party candidate if given the choice.

“Neither President Biden not even before President Trump Drop it on goodwill and nearly half of the nations will consider other options. “While no specific candidate names or party designations have been given, it does show that the status quo is unacceptable for many voters,” said Tim Malloy, a Quinnipiac University polling analyst. statement.

poll has revealed some surprising insights into how the American public is thinking about 2024. Republicans were more likely to put the economy ahead of all other agenda items, while Democrats emphasized the state of democracy as their primary concern. Independents were even more divided, with an estimated 34% choosing the economy and 30% choosing democracy.

The poll also found that President Donald J. Trump is the current frontrunner in the Republican primary, with a 29-point lead over his main rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Biden leads his biggest rival, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., 71% to 14% in the Democratic primary.

As for the general election, he said Biden had a 49% to 44% lead over Trump, effectively a “no change” scenario from his position last June.

The poll reveals the average American’s distrust of Biden’s ability to address issues ranging from the economy to foreign policy. Apparently, only 37 percent and 39 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of these issues, respectively.

The findings confirm widespread disillusionment with both parties at a time when both leading candidates are recording low approval ratings.

At this point, Biden stands to lose the most if a third-party candidate enters the race. Professor Cornell West’s campaign bodes ill for Biden’s position among the key black voters he will surely need to keep the White House. Mr. West, who currently has 4% approval ratings, could pose a major threat to Democrats by snipping out a significant portion of the black vote. (Related: Black voters soften stance on Biden, turn to Trump in 2024 election: poll)

No Labels, a third-party group promoting hard-line centrism, is also expected to field a bipartisan candidate list in November 2024, one possibility being the joint election of former Utah Gov. John Huntsman and Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. Such a development, which has received a lot of national attention, would also hurt Biden’s re-election chances. (Related: “Ahead the Carriage”: Joe Manchin-Ducks Questions About the Presidential Election)

Marian Martini, spokeswoman for No Labels Said A Quinnipiac poll found an “unprecedented opportunity” for a third-party candidate to emerge in 2024.

If Manchin enters the race and West stays in, Biden could be in deep trouble, losing both black voters and centrists at the same time.Several voteBut Biden’s odds actually suggest that a third-party candidate would benefit from running.

All signs point to the 2024 elections being a repeat of 2016, with third-party candidates Jill Stein And Gary Johnson siphoned enough votes from Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, especially in the all-important Rust Belt state, to give Trump a stunning and big win.

Republicans can also steal vote swings from Democrats by pointing out how disillusioned the big factions within them are with Biden.

Democrats have good reason to fear the damage third-party candidates will do to their election prospects in 2024. For Republicans, the prospect presents an opportunity to divide Biden’s base and deal a heavy blow to a party that has abandoned common sense.

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