Deputies rescue injured dog stranded on train tracks for days

Oklahoma sheriff’s deputies recently rescued an injured dog that had been stuck on railroad tracks for nearly half a week.

The Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office shared video of the incident Wednesday. Police officials said they learned about the dog on March 27th after receiving a call about the dog.

“Deputy Hutton observed a large dog hit by a train and trapped between the tracks,” the department said in a Facebook post.

“Deputy Hutton and Officer Harding determined that it was not possible to send patrols to the injured animal’s location and requested that the Sheriff’s Office line up and proceed to the scene in order to safely transport the animal to the roadway. .”

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The injured dog was rescued by deputies from the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office in Oklahoma. (Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office)

Body camera footage shows one deputy carefully picking up the dog while another assists and offers words of encouragement.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” an officer can be heard whispering to the injured animal.

Within a minute, authorities were able to get the dog to the car. The pet was quickly reunited with his family and taken to a local veterinarian’s office for treatment.

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dog held by police officer

Body camera footage shows officers carefully transporting the injured dog. (Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office)

“It was determined that the animal had been hit by a train three days prior to its discovery and was injured and was unable to escape on its own,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement. “The Sheriff’s Office is pleased with the discovery of the dog and hopes for a full recovery for the injured dog.”

The officers were praised for their heroism in a Facebook post about the incident.

“These guys are doing everything,” one local wrote. “The best [s]Herrif, the best deputies, the best K9, and the best technology. Just the best. “

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dog being carried wrapped in a blanket

Local residents praised the police officer who saved the dog’s life. (Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office)

“The police officers did a great job. I’m so glad this man was able to get back to his people,” said another.

A Facebook user identified himself as a good Samaritan who reported the dog was on the railroad tracks.

“I’m so glad this worked out because I’m the locomotive engineer who reported that this poor pup was injured and stuck between the tracks and couldn’t move for 4 days,” the man wrote. . “Thank you Wagoner County Sheriff!!!!! This post made my day.”

dog wrapped in a blanket

The injured animals were later reunited with their families. (Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office)


Fox News Digital reached out to a local veterinary hospital for an update on the dog’s condition, but no further details were available. The Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

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