DeSantis knocks Trump over BLM leader’s endorsement: ‘Makes perfect sense’

Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis defeated former President Trump with the support of Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist Mark Fisher.

“It makes perfect sense for BLM to praise Donald Trump and for Trump to celebrate it.” DeSantis posted on Xthe platform formerly known as Twitter.

The Florida governor was responding to a post by the former president and Republican front-runner who said he was honored to have the support of Fisher and his group. In his post, Trump claimed he has done more for black people than any other president, and he placed a question mark in parentheses with “Lincoln.”

Fischer, Rhode Island’s BLM senior director, said Tuesday that he supported Trump because he thinks “everyone else sucks.”

“Personally, I like Trump, but I now think it’s very unfortunate that President Trump is sitting in the Oval Office.” Fisher said in an interview posted online.

Mr. DeSantis said Mr.

“While BLM was burning down cities across this country and assaulting police officers, all Trump did was sit in the White House and tweet, ‘Law and order!’

“We did it differently in Florida. We didn’t just tweet,” DeSantis’ post reads.

DeSantis criticized President Trump’s response to the nationwide protests that erupted after the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer in 2020. He said he had no intention of “sitting back and watching people set fire to the area.”

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