DeSantis says conservatives won’t be ‘gaslit’ by ‘people who think we’re dumb’ after Newsom debate

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis slammed California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom after the debate, saying conservatives won’t be gaslit into thinking liberal policies are working.

Republican presidential candidate DeSantis made the comments Saturday during a campaign rally in Sioux City, Iowa.

“And one of the things I think is that what the left is trying to do to this country, just like the media people are supporting their activities, they’re doing almost everything that’s going on. They’re just trying to lie to the public about this,” DeSantis said. “When the White House press secretary gets on a podium and says the border is secure, they’re going to think you’re stupid. They’re going to say anything.”

DeSantis then referenced Thursday’s debate with Newsom and said the California leader had lied about his policies.

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Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom discussed a variety of topics during Thursday night’s debate. (Fox News)

“when [Newsom] He joined me on stage and said, Biden is a great president and he’s clicking on all cylinders, it’s a lie, we know it’s a lie. I did. When he says that taxes in California are lower than in Florida, not only is that a lie, but even people who like what’s going on in California say that one of the costs of living there is that it’s lower than in other areas. It also means that they admit that they pay high taxes. ” DeSantis said.

“We’re not going to be criticized by people who think we’re stupid. We’re not going to be lied to and just accept it. We’re going to stand for the truth, and ultimately… , this country needs the truth.” he added.

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Hannity DeSantis Newsom

Fox News’ Sean Hannity moderated the landmark debate between Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom and Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. (Fox News Media)

During Thursday night’s debate, Newsom argued that Florida taxes low-income workers more than California’s billionaires.

“He has one of the most regressive tax rates in the United States, the third most regressive state in America. And what that means, simply put, who does he tax? I mean, he’s taxing low-income workers more than we tax millionaires and billionaires in California,” Newsom said.

DeSantis responded by saying people don’t move from Florida to California to pay lower taxes.

Watching the debate from the press room

Florida Governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis (left) and California Governor Gavin Newsom appear on screen from the press room during a debate hosted by Fox News in Alpharetta, Georgia, on Thursday. (Christian Monterossa/AFP via Getty Images)


“How many people leave Florida to go to California because the taxes are low? I’ve never seen it. Do people leave Florida for New York because the taxes are low? Of course not. Come to Florida “We don’t even have an income tax, and yet California’s sales tax is higher than ours,” DeSantis said.



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