DeSantis takes lead in early Iowa, New Hampshire polls

The race between Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump is more competitive in Iowa and New Hampshire than elsewhere, according to a new poll of top Republican companies. .

Nationwide polls show Trump has a large lead over DeSantis, but a new poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies shows DeSantis is ahead in early states where voters pay more attention. It has been shown to outperform Trump.

investigation, Provided to Axioswas conducted for external clients from March 21st to 23rd. Not a Candidate or Super PAC.

Polls show that the governor of Florida leads Trump by 8 points (45%-37%) in Iowa and is tied with Trump (39%-39%) in New Hampshire.

The poll also showed other candidates trailing Trump and DeSantis, including Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy and former Vice President Mike Pence.

The survey, provided to Axios, was conducted March 21-23 for an external client.
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While Trump appears to be favored nationally, DeSantis is taking the lead in New Hampshire and Iowa.
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In Iowa, DeSantis’ favorable ratings ranged from 81% to 11%, while Trump trailed at 74% to 24%. Haley’s likeability was her 60%-19% and Pence’s her 59%-35%.

Similar ratings were found in New Hampshire, with DeSantis favorability ratings of 77%-15% and Trump’s favorability ratings of 69%-29%. Hailey followed at 54%-23% and Pence at 50%-43%.

Other candidates, including former Vice President Mike Pence, trail both DeSantis and Trump.
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A recent survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies found that DeSantis beats Trump in early states where voters pay more attention.
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DeSantis has been much touted as a leading Republican nominee, but many Republicans surveyed said they didn’t see him as “the best candidate to beat Joe Biden.”

With no signs of an election in New Hampshire, only 48% said DeSantis was the clear candidate to beat Biden. Only 46% believe Trump is more likely to be elected.

Republicans in Iowa and New Hampshire surveyed think DeSantis has a better temperament than Trump.
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DeSantis appears to be gaining a bit of momentum in Iowa, with 54% of those surveyed saying he was more likely to be elected than Biden, compared to 44% for Trump.

Similarly, 68% of Iowa Republicans say they think DeSantis has a better temperament than Trump. He 71% of those surveyed in New Hampshire agreed.

In Iowa, DeSantis appears to be gaining a bit of momentum, as 68% of Republicans feel his temperament has improved.

Sunshine’s governor recently made headlines after telling Piers Morgan that he felt Trump’s constant attempts to provoke him were just “background noise.”

“It’s not important to me that I’m fighting people on social media. I haven’t achieved anything for the people I represent,” he said. I’m just focused on containment, and if I get caught up in all the undertow, I can’t be an effective governor.

“So I don’t think it makes sense to me.”

DeSantis also told Morgan that he’s running the state with “no daily drama,” seemingly overshadowing the former president’s leadership style, but has begun bidding for the White House. No official announcement has been made yet.

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