‘Desperate Housewives’ star Teri Hatcher was kicked off dating app for impersonating herself

Teri Hatcher has admitted that she was kicked off the dating app after her profile was flagged as fake.

Hatcher, 59, said she hasn’t met anyone on an app, but claimed she has tried them all at this stage of her dating journey. The actress claimed she has used the dating app, which most celebrities use, but she noted that “they only want to date men who are 30 years old.” .

“I’ve tried them all, and even my newest one,” she said during an episode of “Getting Grilled with Curtis Stone.” “I tried Hinge.”

“I wanted to tell the universe that I’m an open, vulnerable person and I’m putting myself out there,” Hatcher explained. “My gesture of joining the Hinge app was like, this is what I thought was going to happen. And they kicked me out.”

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Teri Hatcher was kicked out of Hinge due to her “fake” profile. (Getty Images)

The “Desperate Housewives” star’s profile was deemed fake by a popular dating app.

“Well, they thought I was pretending to be Teri Hatcher,” Hatcher explained.

“They apologized, but I was like, ‘It’s over.’ So now it’s over,” she continued. “I’m done with dating apps. I think if there’s a way to go somewhere and meet someone, I have to do it, but honestly, I’m happy.”

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Cast of

Teri Hatcher played Susan on “Desperate Housewives.” (Getty Images)

Hatcher began his Hollywood career with roles in The Love Boat and Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. In 2004, he returned to the limelight when he played Susan in the popular series Desperate Housewives.

“I have a really full life, a really busy life,” she told Stone. “I have beautiful friends. I’m fine. I don’t need a man. I have a cat.”

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Hatcher has been married before. In 1989 she married Marcus Riehhold. The actress and personal trainer were only married for one year before their divorce.

The “Quantum Leap” star married Jon Tenney in 1994. Tenney is best known for his role as Special Agent Fritz Howard on “The Closer.” He also reprized his role on TNT’s spinoff series Major Crimes. Tenney and Hatcher had a daughter in 1997, but the couple divorced in 2003.

Teri Hatcher in a red dress at a red carpet event

Teri Hatcher has been married twice. (Getty Images)

Hatcher later revealed that she suffered a miscarriage in her 40s.

“I tried to have my second child on my own, got a sperm donor, and got through it. Unfortunately, I actually ended up having a miscarriage,” she told E!’s Daily Pop. ” said.