Devout Christian destroys satanic idol at Iowa Capitol. Appreciative donors fund his legal defense inside 3 hours.

A Christian Navy veteran toppled a statue of Satan at the Iowa State Capitol, realizing that others were virtually there to show their displeasure.

Unlike many leftists, toppled hundreds of historic statues Former Mississippi Congressional Candidate Across the Nation Amid BLM Riots michael cassidy He immediately took responsibility for his actions and turned himself in to the authorities. He is currently facing legal action, possibly from the Satanic Temple.

But appreciative conservatives made sure Mr. Cassidy had what he needed for future legal battles, reaching his full defense fund within three hours.

What is your background?

The Satanic Temple is an atheistic left-wing group. have It sought to ensure that women could “legally kill their unborn children in their own way.”religious abortion ritual“; performed a demonization ritual in protest of the canonization of the Catholic Spanish priest Junípero Serra. He distributed demonic literature to children. He publicly “unbaptized” him.and built Statues of Baphomet on public property in multiple states.

Blaze News previously reported that the temple, which was included on an internal list of charities eligible for Fox News' donation match, also operates an online clinic distributing abortion pills in New Mexico. suggested. dubbed “Samuel Alito's Mother's Satanic Abortion Clinic”

Last week, the Iowa Satanic Temple set up an altar on the first floor of the Iowa State Capitol with a cloaked statue of what appears to be a sheep-headed Baphomet holding a red pentagram. USA Today shown The installation reportedly included an exhibition of the anti-Christian organization “''.7 basic principleswhich also includes “freedom to offend.”

Although ostensibly aimed at antagonizing Christians ahead of Christmas, Satanic Temple co-founder Lucian Greaves insisted the statue was not meant to be an insult.

first response

Various lawmakers have called on Gov. Kim Reynolds (Republican) to remove the installation.

State Representative Brad Sherman (R), pastor; I got it. The preamble to the state constitution clearly states that there is “one supreme God,” the newsletter said. Blessings to the nation come from the “Supreme Being.” “If we wish to continue to enjoy blessings, we must rely on the One Most High God.”

“This is a tortured and twisted interpretation of the law that gives Satan, widely understood to be the enemy of God, equal religious expression with God in government institutions that depend on God for continued blessings.” Sherman wrote.

“If we claim to believe in one supreme being, the God of all creation, we cannot claim exemption from obedience to God in matters of civil government.”

State Representative John Dunwell (Republican), who is also a pastor, will also take his place. explained Why the statue was allowed in X's post: “Currently, the display at the Capitol is accessible to everyone through an application process. There are some guidelines, but there is no discrimination based on religion or ideology. The display is allowed. It will be on display for two weeks. ”

Dunwell added: “The Devil's Temple petitioned for the exhibit in August and it was approved with some modifications. They wanted to use a real goat's head (I'm assuming a skull). But we are doing it,” he added. [sic] Doing so is prohibited. ”

Dunwell acknowledged that the exhibit “glorifies the evil influences we oppose” but defended it on legal grounds, saying “the first response needed is prayer.” he suggested.

governor reynolds called The display was “offensive” and “people of all faiths were encouraged to participate.” [her] Today I prayed on top of the National Diet Building. ”

Greaves, co-founder of the Satanic Temple, said: “Even those who don't agree with the symbolism behind our values, whether they know what those values ​​are or not. I hope you understand.” [are] If not, they will at least realize that allowing the government to choose the form of religious expression is certainly a greater evil. ”

Baphomet decapitation

Within hours of liking post Blaze News columnist Orron McIntyre said, “A regular reminder that the religious right has been right about everything,” Cassidy headed to the state capitol and decapitated a statue of Baphomet. The former naval officer then took his sheep's head and threw it in the trash.

Cassidy is a former F/A-18 Hornet pilot who served on tour aboard the USS George Washington. Said His goal, according to the Sentinel, was “to wake up Christians about the anti-Christian practices promoted by our government.”

“The world may tell Christians to meekly accept the canonization of Satan, but none of the Founding Fathers wanted the government to sanction a Satanic altar inside the Capitol, which is protected by the First Amendment. I wouldn’t have thought about it,” Cassidy said. “Anti-Christian values ​​have been steadily mainstreamed in recent decades, and Christians have largely acted like frogs in the proverbial boiling pot.”

After dismantling the controversial statue, the veteran turned himself in to police without incident. He was ultimately charged with fourth-degree criminal mischief.

devil's temple iowa Said “This morning, we were informed by authorities that the Baphomet statue in our holiday display has been irreparably destroyed… [J]Ustis is being pursued in the right way through legal means. Solve and solidify! Happy holidays! Praise the devil! ”

greaves called Mr Cassidy called the statue a “coward” and said the toppling of the statue was a “hate crime”.

With Cassidy indicted and possibly facing legal action from left-wing groups, the Sentinel launched GiveSendGo. motion to raise $20,000 for veterans' legal defense. The funds were raised within 3 hours.

Turning Point USA CEO Charlie Kirk shown His organization said it had pledged to donate $10,000 to the fund, saying, “We stand with Satan Slayer @VoteCassidy.” Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh also joined in, donating $1,000.

Cassidy later quoted the Bible online, Tweet“1 Peter 5:8 KJV Be sober, and be on guard; for your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”

The Satanic Temple sets up exhibit at Iowa State

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