Disney Losing More Than $1.5 Billion Every Year After Spectrum Shuns ESPN: REPORT

Things are only going to get worse for Disney.

disney and spectrum failed to complete the transaction Last week it decided to keep the Mickey Mouse-owned network on the latter. Today, more than 14 million residential customers watch the TV show, excluding ESPN and other Disney-owned networks.

As a result, many couldn’t get their college football weekend to open, and on the flip side, Disney lost a whopping $126 million a month or more just because the ESPN network wasn’t featured on Spectrum. According to reports, cord cutter news. Other channels like Disney Channel and FX aren’t counted in this report, with ESPN alone surpassing $126 million.

Disney is reportedly avoiding $9 per month For ESPN from all cable TV customers. Disney lost a total of 14.071 million customers, leaving a hole of more than his $126 million in the four-letter network’s budget. If Disney fails to complete its deal with Spectrum, ESPN could lose $1.5 billion a year, or about $4 million per day in lost revenue.

Man… Disney and ESPN are definitely on the “if it rains, it will rain” idea.

Disney has already taken one hit after another as a company.just ask me Governor Ron DeSantis Here in Florida he will teach. Ah, the fact that Mickey & Company. cut 7,000 jobs Trying to save $5.5 billion. And the same thing is happening with sports giant ESPN. lay off staffhas taken steps like cutting content to save costs — and it goes without saying that Disney is willing to sell parts of ESPN (and other TV networks).

It’s a complete disaster at this point and should never happen to a company this good. (Related article: ‘You can exercise your First Amendment rights’: Sage Steele leaves ESPN after settling lawsuit with Disney)

Let the collapse continue!

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