Disney’s aWOKEning REFUSED to release “Sound of Freedom”

By now, most people can tell that Disney has woken up. Evidence of that is everywhere: the latest movie releases, progressive reimaginings of classic Disney characters, and bans on gender-based greetings at Disney’s theme parks.

So it should come as no surprise that the company tried to block the release of The Sound of Freedom, a determined anti-awakening movie about the true story of Tim Ballard and his mission to save trafficked children. do you want?

To make matters worse, Disney spent a full five years trying to kill the film. After the small media company was finally able to repurchase Angel Studios, the company sued Angel Studios.

Thankfully, the mega-corporation failed and now millions of people are learning about the vicious human trafficking ring that preys on millions of innocent children.

In this episode of “Pat Gray Unleashed,” Tim Ballard himself joins Pat to discuss Disney’s refusal to release the film.

Fox initially produced the film, but when Disney acquired Fox in 2019, the company made it abundantly clear that it had no intention of releasing the film.

“They said we [were] not doing anything [‘Sound of Freedom’]says Ballard.

Luckily, a series of miraculous events finally landed Angel Studios the rights to the film.

And it was a huge hit, selling out in theaters nationwide.

In fact, in a beautifully ironic twist, The Sound of Freedom surpassed Disney’s $300 million+ budget Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate. The budget for The Sound of Freedom was just $14 million.

“How ironic that it was Disney who shelved it…and Disney lost you on the day of the movie,” laughs Pat.

Ballard calls it “poetic justice.”

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