DJ Akademiks Claims Meek Mill Had His House Swatted While He Was Livestreaming

The beef between DJ Akademiks and Meek Mill peaked Friday when Akademiks accused Mill of swatting his house while he was on a live-stream.

The famous streamer posted a tweet on Friday accusing the rapper of intentionally trying to damage his reputation. The day prior, he had taunted Mill by telling him his address was publicly available and challenging him to show up at his home.

Mill and DJ Akademiks — whose real names are Robert Williams and Livingston Allen — have been setting the internet on fire over the past several days as part of an ongoing controversy over Mill’s sexuality. The rumors arose after a lawsuit suggested that Mill had engaged in sexual relations with rapper Diddy, a claim Mill vehemently denied.

“Meek Mill really had police show up to my house while I was streaming to 30K ppl last night… right after the [n-word] claimed he called the governor to tell him bout ‘how many murders im responsible for’. NASTY NASTY work,” DJ Akademiks wrote to twitter.

In a follow-up post, Akademiks also alleged that Mill had “been blackballing half of yall.. He always been on blogs heads claiming if we post a up n coming Philly artist, its cuz they beefing with him,” he said.

The day prior, he had taunted Mill by writing, “U must think u invincible. U dont talk about pullin up to street nas homes cuz u aint on that wit em. So dont be on that wit me.”

“Not that that hot on yall own.. so u know what happened.. We all just dont post Philly artist cuz of that hating ass [n-word]” he added.

In other recent posts, Akademiks claimed he’d be “down to box Meek Mill” publicly.

“We could get a price. It don’t matter,” he said during a Friday livestream. “Here’s the thing, I’m at the point where he’s a bully that I think is pussy. So, let’s see with the hands.”

Mill lashed out and defended himself against accusations of homosexuality by detailing — in a series of tweets that left little to the imagination — how much he loves having sex with women.

DJ Akademiks attends 2018 ComplexCon-Day 1 at Long Beach Convention Center on November 3, 2018 in Long Beach, California. Photo by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Mill hasn’t posted a public response to the swatting allegations, but fans were quick to weigh in, as many users took to social media to slam Mill for acting tough, but not backing up his words. (RELATED: ‘I’m F#%king Her Twice A Day’: Meek Mill Denies Rumors About Sexuality After Fans Say He Followed Gay Porn Account)

Meek Mill attends the 2023 Fanatics Super Bowl Party at Biltmore Hotel on February 11, 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images

The exchange between the two hip-hip personalities has been viewed millions of times on Twitter.



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