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‘Do Not Insist On Insisting What I Put In My Body’: Maher, Famous Author Spar Over Vaccines, COVID Policies

Comedian and podcast host Bill Maher sparred with author Fran Lebowitz on his upcoming “Club Random” podcast on the COVID-19 vaccine.

Lebowitz once encountered a series of ridiculous smoking and drinking rules at a restaurant, and Maher likened the situation to rules put in place during the pandemic, which she said made no sense.

“perhaps [your story] Make people understand why some of us were skeptical who shouted a lot of nonsense about how we deal with COVID. Crises are bad, not all… And… having a record this bad in the past with health issues and thinking, “When have we done anything wrong? And, ‘Okay, we’re washing the mail “And they told us, ‘It’s okay to wear any kind of mask.'”

“I don’t know about the COVID rules you objected to,” Lebowitz replied.

“They all turned out to be stupid,” said Maher. “They just did research. Masks, unless they’re N-95s, maybe even those, are useless.” (Related: Employee fired for refusing COVID vaccine labeled with ‘problem code’ sent to FBI, legal group says)

“I stopped wearing masks when I didn’t have to wear them anymore,” Lebowitz said. “But vaccines are good. I’m glad there were vaccines.”

“Yes, I’m glad I had the vaccine. If that’s your choice, great,” Maher said. “But don’t argue what I put in my body. There are some vaccines I want to get, may need, and may end up fighting you, but I should be able to make their own medical decisions.

This photo shows a vial of Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine Bivalent held at the AltaMed Medical Clinic in Los Angeles, CA on October 6, 2022.

Lebowitz then suggested that nurses should be vaccinated, and Maher argued that European countries “acknowledged natural immunity.”

Dr. Anthony Faquy admitted in a recently published research paper that no vaccine could reasonably be expected to control the pandemic. He reiterated that doing so will help stop the spread of the virus and is an important step in ending the pandemic.

Episodes air on Mondays.

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