Donald Trump Hush Money Trial Prosecution Rests, Closing Arguments Next Week

Trump’s team immediately sought to undermine key testimony against the former president.

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After nearly five weeks, 19 witnesses, a trove of documents and a slew of damning testimony, prosecutors against Donald Trump rested their case on Monday and handed it over to the defense ahead of closing arguments scheduled for next week. went.

Trump’s team will immediately seek to undermine key testimony against the former president for allegedly concealing hush money paid to a porn star over an encounter that may have derailed his 2016 White House bid. And so.

Lawyer Robert Costello appears to have tried to undermine Cohen’s credibility. Costello was the person who advised Michael Cohen, the prosecution’s key witness, before he fell out with him.

But Costello’s start on the witness stand was shaky at best, as his dismissive tone prompted an angry reaction from Judge Juan Melchan.

The judge ordered the jurors to leave the courtroom to warn Costello, but the judge was still unconvinced and ordered the press and others to temporarily leave the court.

President Trump later spoke to reporters, calling the case an “incredible showpiece” and slamming the trial as a “show trial” and the judge as a “tyrant.”

Closing arguments, which the judge had hoped to begin on Tuesday, are now expected next week due to prolonged arguments between the two defense teams and the upcoming holidays.

Although that is unlikely and risky, the door remains open for President Trump to become the first former US president to testify in a criminal trial.

Experts doubt he would do so because it would expose him to unnecessary legal risk and forensic cross-examination by prosecutors, but his lawyer Todd Blanche He is increasing that possibility.

~Marathon Question~

On Monday, Mr. Blanche concluded his third day of questioning Mr. Cohen after hours of sometimes derailed and sometimes heated exchanges.

Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer and fixer, last week accused Trump of paying porn actress Stormy Daniels $130,000 to buy her silence about allegations of an affair ahead of the 2016 presidential election. He explained how he continued to inform the public.

Mr. Trump’s lawyers set out to paint Mr. Cohen as a convicted criminal and habitual liar, recalling his time in prison for tax evasion and lying to Congress.

Blanche also tried to show jurors that Cohen is selfish and willing to go to great lengths to achieve his goals, and questioned Cohen’s loyalty to Trump and to prosecutors.

Blanche gave a pep talk to Cohen, who has a reputation for temper and could be hurt on the witness stand, but witnesses generally remained calm.

Mr. Cohen’s story largely echoes that of Mr. Daniels and tabloid boss David Pecker, who said he worked with Mr. Trump and Mr. Cohen to suppress negative coverage during the Republican White House campaign. ing.

After arguing with Mr. Blanche, the prosecution returned for a change of direction, and Prosecutor Susan Hoffinger asked Mr. Cohen what the whole experience meant.

“My whole life has been turned upside down,” Cohen said, emotion in his voice. “I’ve lost my law license, my financial security and my family’s happiness, just to name a few.”

– Trump 2024 –

Meanwhile, President Trump has complained that his 2024 campaign for another term in the White House is being hampered by the weeks-long court case he must attend every day.

He made similar remarks on Monday, complaining to reporters: “I’ve been sitting in a very cold, dark room for the last four weeks and I’m not allowed to get involved in politics. It’s very unfair.” Ta.

His fellow Republican politicians stood in the wings behind him as he spoke to reporters outside the courtroom, arguing that the case had become politicized.

The growing list includes several senators seeking Trump’s vice presidential pick, including Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum.

But despite the palace intrigue and courtroom drama, the charges ultimately hinge on financial records and whether their falsifications were aimed at swaying the 2016 presidential vote.

Once the jury begins deliberations, it is likely that there will often be some interesting testimony left behind, but there will also be a trove of documents to consider.

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