Donald Trump preparing himself mentally for guilty plea

Former President Trump’s White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, said the president is prepared to plead guilty in the New York hush money lawsuit.

After Trump raged outside the court on Wednesday, saying “Not even Mother Teresa could defeat these charges, these charges are fraudulent, they’re all fraudulent,” Scaramucci said Trump was preparing his supporters and himself for a “potential” guilty plea.

“I am confident that his lawyers instructed him the way the jury was instructed by the judge. [Juan] “It’s going to be very difficult for them to come back and not plead guilty to some of the 34 charges,” Scaramucci said in a television appearance Wednesday. “The Hill on NewsNation”

“So I think he’s laying the groundwork and preparing himself mentally for the possibility of pleading guilty,” he said, later adding, “If he’s found not guilty, he’ll be better than Mother Teresa.”

Scaramucci’s comments came as the 12 jurors began deliberations in Trump’s first criminal case on Wednesday morning. Jurors requested four times to review key testimony later on Wednesday and to hear Marchan’s instructions again before wrapping up deliberations for the day.

A former Trump administration official said Wednesday he was “disappointed” by the way Trump moved his hands while speaking to reporters outside the Manhattan courthouse on Wednesday.

“But when you see the accordion movement he’s doing out there, you know it’s a nervous quirk of his,” Scaramucci said, “and whenever he’s upset, he does the accordion movement, so that’s a sign he’s depressed.”

Trump is facing 34 felony charges related to money he repaid to his former fixer Michael Cohen after paying porn actress Stormy Daniels $130,000 to cover up a sexual relationship in 2016. Trump has denied the alleged 2006 affair and has pleaded not guilty to the case.

Scaramucci said Tuesday that the recent attacks on Marchant show he is “very sensitive” about the ruling in the case.

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