Don’t conserve institutions that hate you

At its creation, the institutions of a civilization were created to serve the needs of its people and perpetuate their way of life. These organizations transmit and protect the values ​​of the cultures of their origin. As civilizations grow and the scale of their operations expands, people become increasingly dependent on these institutions that bind ever-expanding populations and ensure their well-being.

Conservatives naturally seek to defend and preserve these institutions. However, when a cultural revolution occurs, this impulse can turn against them. The right needs to rethink how it approaches a system occupied by those who seek to fundamentally change the character of the country.

Because conservatism is not a form of civilizational entropy, it cannot slowly infiltrate existing institutions like the left. The mechanisms are not the same.

The FBI currently tracks and monitors traditional Catholics as enemies of the state. The justice system is handing out free passes to violent leftists while handing out ludicrously inflated prison sentences to the January 6 protesters. Illegal immigrants are given public assistance and housing, while drug-addicted vagrants set up camps in major American cities. A sitting president can funnel tens of millions of dollars through his drug-addicted son without penalty while his main political opponent is indicted on frivolous charges aimed at influencing the next election .

While America’s institutions do have a purpose, it is clear that they no longer serve the interests of the American people.

It is completely understandable that conservatives want to protect and preserve our nation’s governing institutions. This is their natural nature. In a healthy civilization, conservation is an important instinct to protect the culture and traditions that have served and shaped people.

But it’s important for conservatives to understand that these institutions have been redesigned over the decades to destroy the very things they once held sacred. The Ministry of Education only indoctrinates them. The Department of Defense protects foreign borders. The Department of Justice ensures that we live under anarchic tyranny. Although these institutions were originally created with the public’s interest in mind, they now exist primarily to transfer wealth to the Democratic Party base and dismantle American traditions.

no long march to the right

Everyone is now familiar with the strategy of “long march through institutions” that the left has used for decades to take control of everything from academia to corporate boardrooms. This constant ideological corruption has allowed the left to seize control of America’s establishment and turn it into an instrument of cultural revolution.

Not surprisingly, many conservatives want to take the same approach to reclaiming this important nexus of culture and political power. However, this misses the fundamental difference between left and right. The left is a force of chaos that wins through deceit and corruption and gains power by breaking the bonds of nature and tradition. Because conservatism is not a form of civilizational entropy, it cannot slowly infiltrate existing institutions like the left. The mechanisms are not the same.

When rights bring order, they bring order through creation. New things are built, existing things are maintained, and rotten things are replaced.

Conservatives have been told that their way of life will be protected by politically neutral institutions, but the world doesn’t work that way. What is not actively maintained inevitably decays. Goalkeeper Chesterton accurately described the dynamic. “All conservatism is based on the idea that if you leave things alone, they will remain as they are.” he wrote. “But you don’t. If you leave something alone, you leave it to the torrent of change. If you leave a white post alone, it quickly becomes a black post. Especially if you want it to be white. It always has to be repainted, which means it always has to be revolutionized. Simply put, if you want an old white post, you need a new white post.”

When it comes to American institutions, there are no more painting posts. The wood has completely rotted and the only way to repair it is to build a new one.

It’s not just a matter of appointing a new FBI director or replacing a few Cabinet members. It is about removing these organizations from their foundations and removing the toxic ideology planted in them from root to branch. Many conservative politicians will balk at the enormity of this undertaking, but this must be the standard the right holds for aspiring leaders. Gentle reform of the institutions that have led the culture wars will not be enough, and if conservatives are to restore America’s greatness, they will need to change their perspective.

Aiming for an alternative institution

Although this task may seem like a daunting task, some issues can only be addressed at the highest level of authority. In the meantime, some practical steps may be taken.

Rights can start by developing alternative institutions or, even better, by rethinking how important systems work. The left now controls the university system, which puts a strain on jobs, and most employers use the university system as a qualification to screen potential employees. Conservative alternatives like Hillsdale College are great, but they leave large left-wing systems in place. A good place to start is to establish an alternative credentialing process that bypasses the university system, like the certifications that exist for many jobs in the technology field.

Most employers used college degrees as a substitute for IQ tests, but civil rights laws and courts prohibited companies from using them.overturn incidents like Griggs v. Duke Power Company And the “disparate influence” standard it introduced would be a significant blow to the social power wielded by progressives through both universities and corporate human resources departments.

These changes cannot bring back old and dying institutions, but they serve as an example of how conservatives can change their focus and change things. The right cannot function as agents of chaos that infiltrate and corrupt the left. Instead, we must restore order through the creation of great works that will inspire and guide future generations.



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