‘Drag Queens Are Not Murdering People’

Singer Vanessa Williams said in a recent interview at the GLAAD Awards, “Drag queens don’t kill people.”

“The GLAAD Awards aren’t killing anyone, drag queens aren’t killing people. We’re a great community,” Williams told Billboard.

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Williams also explained that they judging the GLAAD Awards together RuPaul’s Drag Race Paramount+ Drag Singing Contest Judge Michelle Visage queen of the universe.

“We’re judging drag queens every day, and it’s a lot of fun, but when the rest of the world seems to be crumbling, what are we doing for the people, for humanity?” There is also the point of view that we are gathering,” she said.

Williams while presenting the Outstanding Documentary Award at the GLAAD Awards Ceremony reportedly He told the audience that he would not allow his LGBTQ friends to be “back in the closet.”

“Tonight we stand here in alliance with the LGBTQ community,” Williams said. “Over the years, I have watched my LGBTQ friends move from silence and fear to self-confidence, advocacy and constant pride.”

“And politicians, so-called journalists, or haters of any kind are not going to push my friend back into the closet,” she added.

Especially since the creation of Drag Queen Story Hour in 2015, drag shows, especially those with children in the audience (or worse, on stage), have become a major cultural touchstone. Drag shows for “all ages” Lawmakers in several states have moved to ban these performances in front of children.

One such law was passed in Tennessee, but is currently on hold due to legal challenges. Various Hollywood powerhouses have been lethargic over the anti-drug bill.Actor Billy Porter is furious scenery“We are already in a civil war. It is a civil war of minds! They are messing with minds! We are already in it!”

producer RuPaul’s Drag Race After the Tennessee law was passed, the legislators behind it denounced it as a “threat and must be taken seriously.” I opened my mouth.

Within weeks of this sustained outrage, 28-year-old Audrey Hale, a queer person who believed herself to be male, sneaked into the halls of Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, and found her three children and three of them. was successfully brought down after murdering an adult. By authorities. Hale was never a drag performer.

Several Democrats have posted images of themselves threatening “anti-transgender” Americans with guns in the aftermath of the shooting. Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs’ press secretary lost her job after posting a GIF of a woman threatening someone with a pistol. A few days later, Wyoming House Minority Whip Carly Provenza (Democrat) announced a gleeful gun-toting woman (“Aunt Fa”), captioning it, “Protect transgender people from fascists and bigotry!” ) posted a meme.

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