Duma lawmaker threatens missile strikes on Alaska, as Sen. Lindsey Graham appears to praise US dollars spent killing Russians

Just as Senator Lindsay Graham said Russian deaths from US funding to Ukraine were “the best money we’ve ever spent”, Russian lawmakers pre-empt Alaska on TV show suggested a missile attack.

Congressman Andrei Gurlyov said there were missiles near the United States that could “wipe out Alaska” and that Russia should act with the missiles rather than wait for the enemy to strike.

Gurlyov’s comments were made during an appearance on a Russian state-run news program hosted by Olga Skaveeva, a commentator so well-known for her hilarious propaganda that she has earned the nickname “Putin’s TV Iron Doll”. rice field.

Gurlyov once suggested on the show that Britain should be wiped “off the face of the earth.” Newsweek – said Russia needs to “wander around with no idea what to do next, rather than reacting to the threats we face”.

“We have a strategic nuclear force that holds American territory. mentioned missiles. “It won’t take long. A few brigades will suffice,” he added.

When one commentator asked Mr. Gurlev about his strategy, Mr. Skaveeva stepped in and said the attack should be carried out “to create fear.”

It’s unclear when the alarming comments on the show were made, but the clip was released on Friday, the same day that Senator Graham met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev, with former Ukrainian Deputy Interior Minister Anton. Posted on Twitter by Herasichenk.

Graham appears to be praising the deaths of Russians brought about by the approximately $38 billion in aid the US has provided to Ukraine in its war with Russia.

A video of the meeting, released by Mr Zelensky’s office, shows Mr Graham saying, “And now the Russians are dying,” while discussing the outcome of the war, before smiling to the senators. ing. consumption. “

Russian officials were outraged by the comments, with Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov telling the Schott Telegram: “It is hard to think of anything more shameful for the state than having such a senator.”

US Senator Lindsey Graham met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev on Friday.
Ukrainian Presidential Press Secretary SER/AFP (via Getty Images)

Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, said: “Old fool Senator Lindsey Graham said the United States had never spent money more successfully than the murder of Russians. He said such things. should not have done.”

Mr Graham dismissed the criticism on Sunday, saying he only praised the efforts of the Ukrainians to repel Russia.

“As usual, the Russian propaganda machine is working hard,” he said. “Mr. Medvedev, withdraw if you want Russians to stop dying in Ukraine. Stop the aggression. Stop the war crimes. Truth be told, you and President Putin don’t care about the Russian soldiers. It was good.”

A full recording of the meeting later revealed that Mr. Graham did not say the comments side-by-side, but edited the video to make it look like he did so unintentionally.

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