Dwyane Wade Fires Back At Ex’s Allegations Of Exploiting Their Trans Kid

Basketball star Dwyane Wade fired back Thursday at allegations from his ex-wife that he is exploiting their transgender child.

Siohvaughn Funches-Wade alleged in court documents obtained by The Blast that Wade is “pressuring” their child, Zaya, to undergo a gender transition. Funches-Wade is asking the court to prevent her 15-year-old from obtaining a name change until Zaya, born Zion, reaches the age of 18.

Funches-Wade alleged Wade is pushing Zaya to undergo a transition because it is a lucrative business deal, according to The Blast.

“I have concerns that (Dwyane) may be pressuring our child to move forward with the name and gender change in order to capitalize on the financial opportunities that he has received from companies.”

Zaya is reportedly in talks with Disney. (RELATED: Dwayne Wade Says Trans Child Knew Gender Identity Identity 9 Years Ago)

Wade shot back Thursday, arguing Funches-Wade has been an absentee mother and has no understanding of what Zaya is going through.

“Since this must be the new way of parenting, I guess I have to address these allegations here, which is a damn shame,” Wade posted to Instagram.

“I’ve received a social media post about me forcing our 15 year old child to be someone she’s not and to do something against her will. These are serious and harmful allegations that have hurt our children.”

“While none of us are surprised by Siohvaughn’s attempt to fight Zaya’s identity and her unwavering attempt to drag my name through the mud, I’m very disappointed that she continuously find ways of centering herself and HER needs, without regard to her children.”

Wade said the news broke when Zaya was in class, and said Zaya has managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA in honors despite constant media scrutiny. Wade then accused his ex-wife of not taking the time to talk with Zaya, and said she has denied his repeated offers to speak with Zaya’s teachers, doctors and therapist over the years and even meet her friends.

Wade claimed Funches-Wade has not attended any school functions for Zaya, and is not active in their child’s life.

“Siohvaughn has decided to pretty much be an absent parent to Zaya ALL ON HER OWN. As men, we get a bad rep for not showing up and being absentee fathers, well that’s not the case here because I’m ten toes down and I’m still going thru the BS! I will not sit on my hands this time and allow her to make a mockery of my dedication to my family. The high road has run out of real estate. My lawyer will be in contact,” he added.

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