Dylan Mulvaney speaks on ‘gender equity’ at Penn State following Riley Gaines event cancelation claim

Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender woman and LGBTQ influencer, recently spoke at Penn State University's Hub Robeson Center Alumni Hall. This is the same venue where former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines was scheduled to give a lecture after a scheduling conflict with the university.

At a recent event, Mulvaney spoke about her love of theater, her difficult relationship with her mother, and her decision to transition. She also spoke briefly about this year's huge controversy surrounding Bud Light.

“It's been the hardest year of my life,” Mulvaney said. According to Onward State. “My next musical theater dream is to produce a production that has a lot of transgender people on stage.”

Mulvaney also spoke about “sexual identity” and “gender equality,” emphasizing the importance of treating all people with dignity.

Protesters who destroyed a table during Riley Gaines' speech in Pennsylvania are detained.

Dylan Mulvaney held an event at Penn State University on December 5th at the same location where Riley Gaines claimed he was scheduled to speak. (Riley Gaines/Emma McIntyre/Wire Images/Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

“You have the right to be treated with respect. I never thought of myself as an activist, but I was invited to the White House to meet with the president,” Mulvaney said.

Mulvaney, wearing a Penn State jacket, led the audience in the school's “We Are” chant. However, the event was sponsored by the Penn State Student Programming Association and was funded by student tuition, so there were few participants.

Images posted on social media by the Young America Foundation showed the speech venue largely empty. It is unclear whether more seats were filled as the event continued.

The speech came a week after Mulvaney was named to Forbes magazine's “Social Media 30 Under 30'' list as one of the world's most influential young social media figures.

Penn State's Alumni Hall frequently hosts events for prominent public figures, sometimes those with controversial views.

Professor appears to criticize Riley Gaines in message to students before Penn State event

Mulvaney speaking on stage

Transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney was recently honored on Forbes magazine's latest “30 Under 30'' list. (Vivian Killilia/Stringer)

In 2021, the school welcomed prominent alt-right media personality Milo Yiannopoulos, which sparked backlash from faculty and students. University leaders condemned Mr. Yiannopoulos' comments but pushed through with the event, citing his “undeniable constitutional right” to speak on campus.

But in October, Gaines claimed she was not given the same courtesy.

Gaines said she plans to speak at Penn State on Oct. 10 at what she calls “Real Women's Day.” However, she claimed on social media that the speech had been canceled, and in 2022 the school's principal, Neeli Bendapudi, said the school was “bound by the First Amendment” and that “many people are He posted a video in which he said he needed to invite a speaker who would “think about it.”

“The president of Penn State has made an entire video explaining why public institutions are legally obligated to have obvious 'bigots' like me speak on campus,” she wrote on Real Women's Day tomorrow. There is no way you would cancel my talk to coincide with (X/X),” Gaines wrote. . “Have your way. Penn State, I'll see you tomorrow with a soap box and a megaphone!”

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Lecture by Riley Gaines

Riley Gaines speaks at Penn State University. (Riley Gaines)

Penn State claimed that no such event featuring Gaines has been canceled at Penn State. The university announced that Turning Point USA, the group bringing Gaines to campus, missed a deadline to submit the necessary reservations for indoor space.

“As an institution of higher education, Penn State encourages free and open debate as a way to strengthen democracy and foster critical thinking and growth, and we have a diverse array of speakers on our campus.” Penn State said in a statement to FOX. News Digital.

Gaines responded to the school's statement on social media, writing, “So I need confirmation that I was booked a room on campus?” The cancellation was made after TPUSA missed a deadline and arranged a schedule through the Leadership Institute (not a campus-affiliated group). By the way, TPUSA initially met the deadline, but the university did not meet with them until his 30 days had passed. I would be happy to share those communications as well. ”

She also attached an image of an “event confirmation” message from Penn State to the HUB Robson Center.


Gaines later attended an outdoor event at the university, even though her schedule conflicted.



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