Editor Daily Rundown: Massachusetts, Google Installed ‘Spyware’ Onto Phones To Track COVID Cases

BIDEN’S EXTREMIST PRESIDENCY… While Decrying Radicals At Home, Biden Has Made The US An Extremist Outlier

President Joe Biden’s administration has taken the United States drastically out of step with its peers on several key medical issues, according to a Daily Caller review of international health policy.

Much of Biden’s domestic messaging has centered around painting his opponents as radicals, particularly as it concerns Republicans and claims of fraud in the 2020 presidential election. But Biden has staked out positions far outside the realm of normality within the Western world by supporting late-term abortion, COVID-19 vaccination of young children and sex-change treatments for minors.


SCHUMER SAYS COLLAPSING BIRTH RATES — ACCELERATED BY DEMS — MEANS THE ONLY PATH TO ‘A GREAT FUTURE’ IS OPEN BORDERS…GREG PRICE: Schumer: “We have a population that is not reproducing on its own with the same level that it used to. The only way we’re going to have a great future is if we welcome immigrants… get a path to citizenship for all 11 million [illegal immigrants].” (VIDEO)


MASS. SURVEILLANCE… Massachusetts, Google Installed ‘Spyware’ Onto Phones To Track COVID Cases Without Users Knowing, Lawsuit Alleges

The Massachusetts Public Health Department (DPH) allegedly “worked with” Google to install its COVID-19 contact tracing app onto more than one million android devices without users’ permission or knowledge, a New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA) lawsuit claims.

The app was first released in April 2021, but the DPH had a version secretly installed onto devices beginning that June after few Massachusetts residents installed it voluntarily, according to the lawsuit filed Monday in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts. The app allegedly causes devices to emit and receive Bluetooth signals even when users do not opt into COVID-19 exposure notifications, and nearby devices that feature the app consequently exchange data that can be linked to specific device owners and locations.

The DPH, Google and other third parties including app developers, device manufacturers and network providers can access such data and use it to determine device owners’ identities when it is written onto mobile devices’ systems, the lawsuit claims. It summarily accuses the department of installing “spyware that deliberately tracks and records movement and personal contacts onto over a million mobile devices without their owners’ permission and awareness.”


ELECTION MONTH UPDATE… Republicans Win Control Of The House

Republicans gained control of the United State House of Representatives, edging out a narrow victory in the tightly-contested midterm elections.

The GOP currently holds 218 seats after mail-in ballots caused over a week of delays in results, The Associated Press reported, though that number may grow as the last few remaining races wrap up. The elections were far closer than pre-midterm projections, with most pollsters predicting Republicans would take between 225 and 255 seats.

“There was a widespread anticipation that [election night] was going to be a bad night for Democrats. But, you know, the question is like, How bad would it be? It was very likely that the House would flip, and by definition, that’s a bad night by any standard, but it’s a lot less bad for Democrats than I think we thought,” Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report told the Daily Caller News Foundation.


MCCONNELL MOVES QUICKLY TO KEEP POWER… McConnell Wins Senate GOP Leadership Vote After Rick Scott Challenge

Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has been reelected the Leader of the Senate Republican Conference after a last-minute challenge from his colleague, Sen. Rick Scott of Florida, on Wednesday.

McConnell won the support of 37 members of the conference to continue as leader of the Senate GOP, a role he has held since 2007. He will continue as the Senate Minority Leader in the 118th Congress after Republicans failed to oust Democrats from the Senate majority in this year’s midterm elections.

McConnell had been challenged by Sen. Rick Scott, who heads the National Republican Senatorial Committee, for the job after Scott announced on Tuesday, during a luncheon with other GOP Senators, that he would do so. The move, part of a long-running feud between Scott and McConnell, caught many members of the conference by surprise.


DESANTIS WAVES OFF ‘GOP CIVIL WAR’ QUESTION… ‘People Just Need To Chill Out’: DeSantis Claps Back When Reporter Asks Him About A ‘GOP Civil War’ (VIDEO)

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis told reporters Wednesday that “people need to chill out about some of this stuff” when asked at a press conference about a “civil war” happening within the GOP.

DeSantis immediately mentioned the Georgia senate runoff in December, saying it is “very important for Republicans to win.” He also touted Florida as “the biggest bright spot” in a midterm election that was “not so bright in other parts of the country” for Republicans. DeSantis was reelected by almost 20 points against former GOP Gov.-turned Democrat Charlie Crist. His victory in Florida’s historically blue Miami Dade County highlighted the success of DeSantis and Florida Republicans at large.


RAPHAEL RUNS FROM SLUM QUESTIONS… Warnock Dodges Question About ‘Mold And Corpses’ At Church-Owned Columbia Tower Apartment Complex (VIDEO)

Democratic Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock appeared to dodge a reporter’s question about alleged mold and insect infestations found at an apartment building owned by his church in Atlanta, Georgia.

The low-income apartment complex, Tower Columbia at MLK village, is owned by Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Warnock serves as CEO and senior pastor, according to the Washington Free Beacon. The City of Atlanta has cited the building for multiple housing code violations, including rodent and bug infestations, hoarded trash and hazardous mold.

Footage from Tuesday showed Warnock remaining silent on a question about the conditions of the apartment complex.

“Senator Warnock, what are you doing to address the situation with the mold and corpses at Columbia Tower?” an unknown person asked. The footage showed Warnock walking off and entering a vehicle with people who appeared to be members of his staff.

The incident led to an attack by his campaign opponent, Republican Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker.

“.@ReverendWarnock has failed the people of the Columbia Towers and the people of Georgia. #SlumLordMillionaire,” Walker tweeted late Tuesday.


WILL DEMS RETURN MILLIONS STOLEN IN CRYPTO-SCAM? …CHUCK ROSS: Ill-Gotten Gains: Crypto Kingpin’s Donations Put Democrats in the Hot Seat

The embattled crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, who is now under federal investigation and suspected of defrauding his investors, spent the election season shelling out cash to Democrats: $865,000 to the Democratic National Committee, $1 million to Sen. Chuck Schumer’s (D., N.Y.) Senate Majority PAC, and $6 million to the House Majority PAC. […]

Bankman-Fried gave roughly $40 million to Democrats during the 2022 election cycle, making him one of the biggest donors to a fundraising juggernaut that helped stave off a Republican wave in the midterms. While the 30-year-old entrepreneur contributed to a handful of Republicans, the lion’s share of his spending has gone to Democrats. He contributed $250,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, $66,500 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and $400,000 to the Democratic Grassroots Victory Fund.


STILES: WE’VE GOT OURSELVES A PATTERN…ANDREW STILES: Sam Bankman-Fried Is Not Alone: Some of History’s Greatest Monsters Were Democratic Megadonors

Harvey Weinstein

The once-beloved Hollywood mogul donated almost $600,000 to Democratic candidates and committees since 2000, and hosted a number of celebrity fundraisers for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. […]

Jeffrey Epstein

The prolific pedophilia aficionado donated more than $150,000 to Democratic candidates and committees, including a $10,000 contribution as recently as 2018, several months before his arrest on sex trafficking charges. […]


LA TAPS NEXT MAYOR… ANOTHER DEM… Karen Bass Defeats Rick Caruso In LA Mayor’s Race

Democratic California Rep. Karen Bass was elected mayor of Los Angeles, The Associated Press projected Wednesday, beating real estate developer and former Republican Rick Caruso in a race featuring his massive campaign spending and delayed results largely due to mail-in ballots.

Bass and Caruso had debated over Los Angeles’ rising crime and homelessness crisis, according to CBS News. Caruso spent roughly $100 million of his own money on the race, while Bass fundraised about $8 million, Politico reported.

Bass had a roughly 53.1% to 46.9% lead over Caruso, according to NBC News.


DEM BUSTED FOR ELECTION FRAUD… AFTER ELECTION… PA Gov. Elect Josh Shapiro Arrests Democratic Consultant For ‘Wide Scale’ Ballot Fraud

Democratic Pennsylvania Governor-elect Josh Shapiro charged a former campaign consultant Wednesday with “wide scale” voter fraud, according to authorities.

Philadelphia political consultant Rasheen Crews was arrested Wednesday and charged with forging signatures on nomination petitions so that he could get his Democratic clients on the ballot during the 2019 primary races in the city, Shapiro’s office announced.

“In advance of the 2023 municipal elections, this arrest is an important reminder that interfering with the integrity of our elections is a serious crime,” Shapiro said in a statement. “By soliciting and organizing the wide scale forgery of signatures, the defendant undermined the democratic process and Philadelphians’ right to a free and fair election. My office is dedicated to upholding the integrity of the election process across the Commonwealth, to ensure everyone can participate in Pennsylvania’s future.”

Authorities determined that several democratic candidates hired Crews to help them obtain the required amount of signatures needed to run in the primary races. Crews then allegedly recruited individuals who were invited to a hotel room where they were asked to write names, addresses and “forged signatures on multiple petitions.”


MORE…FREE BEACON: Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro Charges His Own Former Campaign Consultant with ‘Wide Scale’ Voter Fraud

According to an arrest affidavit, Shapiro’s office opened an investigation into Crews in September 2019. It is unclear why it took three years to bring charges against him.

Crews has consulted for dozens of state and local candidates over the years, campaign finance disclosures show. Shapiro’s attorney general campaign paid Crews $2,000 in 2016, according to the Pennsylvania campaign finance database.

Crews’s clients denied knowledge of the forgery scheme, according to the affidavit. Crews allegedly hired individuals to forge signatures to get his clients placed on Democratic primary ballots for municipal elections in Philadelphia. He had the ballot petitions notarized and then filed with the Pennsylvania Department of State.


PENNSYLVANIA IMPEACHES LEFT-WING PROSECUTOR… Progressive Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner Impeached Amid Rise In Crime

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner was impeached Wednesday by Pennsylvania’s Republican-led House of Representatives.

The final vote of 107-85 ran almost entirely along party lines following intense debate on the House floor, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. Republicans currently hold a 23-seat majority in the chamber but control now hangs in the balance because of Democrat performance in the midterms.

Krasner office released a statement slamming “elected officials who do not live or vote in Philadelphia” for “trying so hard to erase the votes of Philadelphians” without presenting “a single shred of evidence connecting [their] policies to any uptick in crime.” He claimed that Pennsylvania Republicans “willfully avoided hearing the facts about [his] office” and did not provide him a chance to defend his record, according to CBS. […]

Krasner, who was reelected for a second term last year, has been blamed for a surge in homicides and violent crime in Philadelphia. First elected in 2017, Krasner has expressed support for “dramatically reducing the number of prisoners held” as part of progressive reforms to Philadelphia’s criminal justice system, according to his website.

Philadelphia has seen a surge in violent crime and homicides, which are on pace to eclipse last year’s record, Axios reported in September.

An investigation by the Pennsylvania House GOP focusing on violent crime in Philadelphia recorded a 4.46% rise in violent crime compared to 2021 figures. A 30.74% surge in property related offenses and a near 49% spike in robberies committed with a firearm. Violent crime in Philadelphia accounted for 47.9% of the state’s total last year, based on data from the Pennsylvania State Police noted in the report. So far in 2022, the city’s police department has recorded 5% fewer homicides after a record high 562 were tallied in 2021.


DC SET TO LOWER PENALTIES FOR GUNS & CARJACKINGS…FREE BEACON: DC Council Lowers Sentences for Gun Crimes as Homicides Surge

The Washington, D.C., city council on Tuesday voted to dramatically reform the city’s criminal code, reducing penalties for offenses including illegal gun possession and carjacking, even as D.C. has seen a spike in homicides in recent years.

The legislation, which requires the approval of Mayor Muriel Bowser (D.), would eliminate mandatory minimum sentences for most crimes, the Washington Post reported, and lower the maximum sentences for crimes such as carjacking and robbery.

The reforms to the city’s criminal code come as homicides in D.C. spiked 14 percent in 2021 from 2020. The 226 killings in 2021 are more than double the 88 homicides the city saw in 2012.


MORE…WAPO: D.C. Council passes new criminal code, despite some objections

If Bowser signs the bill, it will eliminate most mandatory minimum sentences, allow for jury trials in almost all misdemeanor cases and reduce the maximum penalties for offenses such as burglaries, carjackings and robberies. The law will not take effect for three years to give the courts, police and other groups time to prepare for implementation, officials have said.

The bill passed unanimously through the council in a first vote and received unanimous support in the five-member judiciary and public safety committee. Tuesday’s second and final vote was somewhat more contentious, with a near hour-long debate largely centered on an amendment over gun crimes. But the amendment was ultimately rejected, and the bill was passed unanimously.


DARRELL BROOKS GETS LIFE IN PRISON… Waukesha Parade Killer Sentenced To Life Without Parole

Judge Jennifer Dorow sentenced the Waukesha, Wisconsin, parade massacre’s perpetrator Darrell Brooks to life in prison without the possibility of parole Wednesday, following weeks of trial proceedings marked by his repeated courtroom interruptions.

A jury convicted Brooks Oct. 26 of six counts of first-degree intentional homicide while using a dangerous weapon, necessitating a sentence of life imprisonment under Wisconsin law. He was found guilty of 70 other counts as well.


MISSILE MAYHEM…Tucker Carlson: Zelenskyy ‘Kept Lying On Television’ About Missile Being Launched By Russia (VIDEO)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy Wednesday of “lying” about the origins of a missile that killed two people in Poland Tuesday.

“[Zelenskyy] was commanding the U.S. to lead the Third World War immediately. So as we said, this was not a minor AP story. The only problem was it was completely and utterly wrong. Zelensky, the unnamed intel officer, and the Associated Press had all been trafficking in dangerous misinformation,” Carlson said. “That became clear within a few hours, when pictures of the exploded missile surfaced on social media. People who know a lot about military hardware started asking questions about this stuff. They looked at a picture of the fragment of the motor from this destroyed missile, and they noticed that the ordnance was an S-300 system.”

The Associated Press issued a correction Tuesday, saying that information from sources that initially pointed to a Russian missile was wrong, and that the missiles in question were Russian-made systems used by Ukrainian forces.

Polish and NATO officials believe Ukrainian forces fired the missile Tuesday during a massive Russian attack targeting Kiev and Kharkov, and the weapon inadvertently hit a field near a Polish village, killing two people. The Biden administration and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau still blamed Russia for the deaths, despite the missile being fired by Ukrainian forces.

“Now, the S-300 system is only used by the Ukrainian military, not the Russians, so it could not have been a Russian military attack. Somehow Ukraine had bombed Poland and killed people. That’s true and within a day, the Pentagon, NATO, even the government of Poland, all were forced to admit that,” Carlson continued. “That’s what happened, Ukraine did it. But here’s the interesting thing and and the thing that is relevant to us, Ukraine never admitted that. Zelenskyy kept lying on television.”


DISINFORMERS, ASSEMBLE!… Obama Foundation Event On ‘Disinformation’ Features Serial Spreaders Of Disinformation

The Obama Foundation is hosting a forum Thursday where “disinformation” will be discussed by a group with alleged ties to spreading disinformation and a historian who has been criticized by many in her field.

The “Tackling Disinformation, Protecting Democracy” forum, hosted by former President Barack Obama in connection with Columbia University and the University of Chicago, will be moderated by Renee DiResta, who allegedly helped sway elections through the use of bots and is connected the censorship of stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Nikole Hannah-Jones, one of the panelists for the forum, is the author of the “1619 Project” which claims slavery was the primary cause of the American Revolution, a claim rebuked by historians and a group of college professors in a New York Times article.

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