Elder says he’s not running for vice president, but he won’t let call to be veep ‘go to voicemail’

Exclusive – Republican Larry Elder is determined to run for the White House to win.

But the former nationally syndicated conservative radio talk show host, who came second to Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom in the 2021 California gubernatorial recall election, said he could not run for president in 2024. He said he would consider running for vice president on the ticket. .

“The only time the vice president comes up is when a reporter asks me about it,” Elder said Wednesday in an exclusive national interview with Fox News Digital. “I never said I was running for vice president, I was running for a ministerial post, etc. But I was asked about it. , even if it’s not.’” When a party candidate calls, he asks me to join him as vice president, but the call doesn’t go to voicemail. ”

Elder, who faces an uphill run to the Republican nomination, is hovering at or slightly below 1% in the latest Republican primary polls.

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Republican presidential candidate Larry Elder speaks at City Hall in Windham, New Hampshire, July 11, 2023. (Larry Elder Campaign)

His main commitment at the moment is to speak at the first Republican presidential primary debate hosted by Fox News on August 23 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One of the criteria Elder must clear to be eligible to participate in the showdown is donations from 40,000 individual donors.

“Our immediate goal is to reach 40,000 individual donors,” he said. Edler called for another fundraiser Wednesday after speaking to Fox News in New Hampshire, where the first primary and second general election in the GOP nomination calendar will be held, while trying to get on the debate stage. was scheduled to do

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Asked how he could get more polls and more donations, Elder said, “My goal is not to go against the Republicans. My goal is to go against the Biden-Harris administration. ‘ said. He said the Biden administration “is a direct threat to this country. They have reversed everything that Donald Trump has succeeded in a very short four-year term.”

Larry Elder's campaign in New Hampshire

Larry Elder speaking at Wyndham, New Hampshire on July 11, 2023. (Larry Elder Campaign)

Elder seems to have added that the goal can be achieved without the nomination.

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“I stand before the American people and stand up for the lies of systemic racism in America, the epidemic of fatherless disease, the need for school choice, the need to get rid of these benevolent George Soros prosecutors, and the need to amend the Constitution. We need to stipulate in the constitution to fix spending at a certain percentage of GDP,” Elder argued. “If I do that and bring those issues to the fore, I will feel that I have made a contribution to my party and, more importantly, to my country. That’s why I’m here.”

Elder began his presidential campaign on April 20. He talks about the issues people care about, touting the campaign as having a “very good reputation” and saying the issues were “especially the economy, gas prices and borders”. Stated. and he is a criminal. ”


“I also bring to the fore some issues that other candidates haven’t raised. It’s a disease epidemic that doesn’t exist, and it’s a problem with Democrats repeatedly referring to America as systematically racist,” Elder argued.

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